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The main subdivision of the Dow Jones&Company media group is the Dow Jones Newswires agency - recognized world leader in preparation and spread of both economic and political information (Dow Jones news), which often has a significant influence on the world market. Dow Jones Newswires agency publishes daily about 10,000 items of news in 11 languages, providing information to hundreds of thousands of financial experts from different countries.

14.06.2016 05:01 Global Stocks
14.06.2016 05:01 Global Stocks

European stocks dropped to their lowest in more than three months Monday, with bank shares among decliners as investors faced heightened concerns about the Brexit vote on whether the...

Dow Jones appears set to extend gains
Dow Jones appears set to extend gains

Yesterday’s gains of 1.4% are more likely to continue on a technical perspective, although at a slower pace. US Retail sales could be the key driver tonight

News From Dow Jones - the Prime Source of Information

Dow Jones Forex news is the chief information channel for any trader. It is in terms of this news block, many decisions on the behavior of the market are taken. Owing to access to primary source Dow Jones Newswires is providing information and analytical data that allow to look into the very essence of the world economy. Dow Jones latest news include itself economic indicators and central bank decisions of the Group of Seven, stock and energy resource reviews, and other assets that affect the Forex market. Thanks to the “compressed” format of these reports, bidder will spend minimum of time to read them. Information from Dow Jones is an indispensable implement for a trader in fundamental market analysis and the elaboration of trading strategies.

The Main Sections of Dow Jones Daily News

The body of the Dow Jones newswire consists of four main categories:

  • Reviews and analytics. In this section fall survey and analytical articles regarding the foreign exchange market. There are also published certain news headlines about important market events, including significant fluctuations in exchange rates.
  • Macroeconomics and politics. Any significant macroeconomic statistics, the statements of politicians and general, Dow Jones daily news, potentially affecting the international currency market, are in this category.
  • The market talks. On-line comments, rumors and analysis obtained in real time by the Dow Jones Newswires correspondents before they become part of survey and analytical articles, fall into this section. However, most of the articles from this category are unique and may not appear in the think pieces.
  • Events calendar. Daily in this category are published dates and time of release of most important macroeconomic indicators of the Group of Seven countries, as well as the announcements of other significant for the Forex market, events.