Forex Legal Issues

Recently, the carrying out of commercial transactions in the exchange market is very actively offered to the small investors having an opportunity of familiarizing with the global financial market and, possible generation of profit from successful transactions on it. Thus, we are not talking about that the company buys currency according to the client order, for example at the exchange or in the bank. The essence is that the broker establishes the currency quotes and delivers the currency purchased by the trader (client) at own expense and on its own behalf, as a rule, by the cumulative result of transactions for a long time.

Changes to Alpari Cashback loyalty program rules

Dear clients, The following changes will take place to the Rules of the Alpari Cashback loyalty program on 1st August, 2016: clauses 2.1, 3.5, 3.6, 7.1, 9.3, 11.4 and 15.2 will under...

Amendments to Affiliate Agreement

We hereby inform you of amendments to the “Affiliate Agreement,” which come into effect as of 11 August 2014.

Changes in our legal documents

At Mayzus we are constantly striving to improve our trading conditions and offers, keep up to date with us by following our company news and facebook page.

Alteration to be made to Public Offer Agreement

The LiteForex Company kindly asks the clients to take into consideration an alteration made to the Public Offer Agreement.

Client Agreement has been changed

Starting July 22nd 2014, several changes in RoboForex Client Agreement will come into effect.

Changes to the Regulatory Documents from July 21, 2014

In the Client Agreement, there are changes to clauses 1.2, 11.1, 16.1, 17 (the term “Written Notification”).

Admiral Markets AS General Terms and Privacy Policy are amended as of July 25, 2014

Admiral Markets AS is amending General Terms and Privacy Policy. The amendments will enter into force as of July, 25 2014 and will be applicable to all effective client agreements.

Changes to the PAMM Account Regulations from July 7, 2014

Please note that on July 7, 2014, some changes will take effect in the PAMM Account Regulations.

Changes to FXOpen Customer Documentation

We would like to emphasize that all our wholesale customers will retain their relationships with FXOpen NZ Limited.

Changes to the PAMM Account Regulations

We would like to inform you that the PAMM Account Regulations, which govern our provision of the PAMM Account service, have been changed.

Updated Client Agreement

The EXNESS Group is continuously working on perfecting the services offered with consideration to the pace of growth and development of the company, client feedback and optimizes the...

General information on EMIR

The OTC derivatives, as defined in EMIR, include all derivatives contracts which are not "executed on a regulated market", such as options, currency forwards, swaps, margin...

Client Agreement has been changed

All these changes in the Client Agreement are effective as of January 30th, 2014, 12 am (server time). Please, take into account this information when planning your trading activity.

Update to Alpari Regulatory Documents and Agreements

We would like to inform you that on January 24, 2014, the Client Agreement will be amended with the addition of clauses 8.3, 12.4, 16.2, and the definition of the term “Equity&...

Forex Time Updates Client Account Opening Agreements

FXTM remains committed to adhering to regulatory policies which aim to secure the safety of client documentation verification and identification.

Starting November 25 – Alpari Will No Longer Support ZuluTrade

We also recommend that you abstain from adding new trading systems to your portfolio in advance of the discontinuation of the service.

Regulations for Trading Operations changes at 12.11.2013

A notification about the archivation of deleted pending orders older than 1 month is being added to the clause 7.18

Mayzus announces changes in its trading credit policy

We would like to inform you that there has been a change in our Trading Credit Policy in the Charge-Off of Trading Credit, clause 2.2.

Change in regulatory documents of the company

You can study a new version of the contract in “Documents” section of the company's web-site.

Regulations for Non-Trading Operations changes at 11.10.2013

1.8.4. Withhold from the Client’s Trading Account any commissions or bonuses previously refunded to the Client for non-trading operations. At the current moment the amount...

Brokerage Company and its Partner

Interests of broker company in a given country are represented by the partner from that country, on the basis of contractual relations. The influence of the company is limited by the provision of the clients' information and the other accompanying services. Due to the currency restrictions operating in the given country, the main option of rendering services to the clients carrying out transactions on behalf of the foreign company by means of its accounts. The main method is a wire transfer and generally used the method of carrying out transactions – through the systems of remote access (a virtual private network).

Basic legal agreements

Accurate and competent registration of legal Forex issues between participants of the made transactions is extremely important. Otherwise, the carried-out work can both contradict the legislation, and to have an unpredictable tax outcome. It is necessary to pay attention to reading and research of the following documents:

Agreement between the client and brokerage company

It is the basic agreement which governs the relations with the client. It is meant that this agreement is subordinated to the legislation of the foreign country (for example, Great Britain) and assumes the dispute resolution in foreign legal or arbitrary agency. Usually similar agreement, in addition to the discussed conditions of transactions with currencies and the accompanying calculations for them, includes regulations of margin trading (provision of a leverage), including the prevention of the client about the risks connected with trading in the exchange market. The signing of this agreement happens by mail.

The agreement between the company dealer and its partner from the given country

It is very important that the clauses of the contract on legal issues Forex didn't transfer the given country partner to a rank of the permanent tax mission of the company dealer. To avoid it, liabilities and functions of the given country partner shall be significantly limited. For example, on behalf of the dealer, it shall have no rights to the conclusion of agreements. Also, the agreement shall allow performing the necessary calculations and the translations between the companies, for example, to translate a broad part of the amount received for training, or, on the contrary, to earn a commission fee from the foreign company.

Calculations with the foreign company are carried out based on agreements on rendering information services (for example, providing with quotes, education guidances, etc.).