Chart of price change CHF/JPY

Currency pair CHFJPY is quite a specific tool, uniting currency of two small, but economically developed states. The Swiss franc is among the most stable currencies that seldom have acute price fluctuations. The same can be told about yen, which provision is watched fixedly by Bank of Japan. Considering the close connection of the Swiss Franc with the euro, the behavior of the tool strongly correlates with the dynamics of EURJPY.

CHFJPY, H4 Forecast

Новые торговые возможности в паре Швейцарский франк / Японская Иена

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Enni 0 10
CHFJPY, H1 Forecast

H1 trading chart shows us the current trend changing and a fractal level for sale.

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CHFJPY - Незаконченный паттерн Бабочка Гартли
CHFJPY, H4 Forecast

Стохастик говорит о покупке, однако если добавить скользящих средних, можно заметить сигнал на продажу.

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CHFJPY, W1 Buy Profit: -300 pips RoR: -97%

central bank of japan doesn't like powerful JPY . USD/CHF become weaker step by step

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CHFJPY: Рвётся вверх
CHFJPY, H4 Forecast

В данном случае пробой линии тренда может спровоцировать дальнейшие покупки.

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Bearish Outlook
CHFJPY, H4 Sell Profit: 115 pips RoR: 218%

Still sell

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sell $CHFJPY
CHFJPY, H4 Sell Profit: -75 pips RoR: Stop Loss

follow me on twitter dzmouadmadridi

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dima 589 102
unbound of Kjun
CHFJPY, H4 Sell Profit: 60.4 pips RoR: 62%

unbound of Kjun

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CHFJPY. Bullish breaking 123
CHFJPY, H4 Forecast

CHFJPY The pair is in an important configuration with the prices that have as resistanche the level 123.00 and the RSI on area 50. We are waiting for a break out of both the levels with the pair that will continue the uptrend after breaking them. By the way if the pair won't break them, please don't consider short trades by now.

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CHFJPY at weekly movement
CHFJPY, H4 Forecast

CHFJPY price movements in the last week is within the normal weekly, where prices move in the range of Bollinger Bands, Deviation 1 (BB1). Then it has been out of the area above the BB 1, indicating has moved ubnormal up. The price may be addressed is the previous highest price in the area at 123 910 to 124 154 resistant. Line trendline (green line) also confirm the rising price movement, and today it appears that the price of moving flats in a small area, above the middle school weekly and BB1 and over RBS area. Scenarios can be strong price movements continue rising with the trigger of the market sentiment, to bring the price more expensive, but if there is no trigger is likely the price will move first to the area correction RBS, before moving up. We suggest to BUY at 122 633, SL and TP at 123 910 122 032, (assuming that the price will be corrected first area to RBS)

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Short Position On CHFJPY
CHFJPY, H4 Sell Profit: -50 pips RoR: -98%

I'm taking short/sell position on CHFJPY because the price has get out from bullish the bullish channel. Point C is the projection where the price will goes on. On point C is near the 161,8 fibonacci level for the projection.

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CHFJPY, breaking the resistance and up to 122.3
CHFJPY, M5 Forecast

CHFJPY The pair is very strong in the period thanks to the strenght of the CHF and the weakness of the JPY. Please consider only long trades by now. If the pair breaks the resistance of the area 121.95/122.00 then the level 122.3 can be an easy target to reach

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CHFJPY, H4 Sell Profit: 65 pips RoR: 248%


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CHFJPY, H4 Forecast

wait price toward 50-61.8 to buy this pai

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CHFJPY, W1 Forecast

as we can see the SMA at daily timeframe shown down,it possible to open sell position to this pair and set take profit at 112.80

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CHFJPY, H1 Sell Profit: -10 pips RoR: -95%


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CHFJPY, M30 Buy Profit: -20 pips RoR: -89%

Buy CHFJPY from the lower border of the price channel at 1.4492, target +55 SL-20

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Jepang Mengharapkan Pertumbuhan 2% Quarter Ini
CHFJPY, D1 Sell Profit: 12 pips RoR: 50%

Jepang Mengharapkan Pertumbuhan 2% Quarter Ini

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Jepang Mengharapkan Pertumbuhan 2 % Quarter ini
CHFJPY, D1 Sell Profit: -20 pips RoR: -96%

Jepang Mengharapkan Pertumbuhan 2 % Quarter ini

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CHFJPY, M30 Sell Profit: 38.5 pips RoR: 194%

Sell CHFJPY from the upper border of the price channel at 113.93, target +50, SL-20

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CHFJPY, H1 Forecast

Цена взлетела к максимуму 19 июня. Сейчас франк испытывает на прочность ключевой уровень сопротивления. Если преграда устоит, можно будет ожидать дальнейшее снижение на 0.5%, к поддержке - 113.60

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Currency pair CHFJPY is rather known among traders in the Forex market. Because of the special monetary policy of Japan, the chart of the tool shows mostly dynamics of yen though it also is quoted currency in this pair.

This pair has hardly lent itself to the fundamental analysis as its rate is influenced by a set of the factors which aren't connected directly with Switzerland or Japan. The benefit of the tool is that the franc possesses big credibility and many investors consider it “saving harbor” for the equity amid the crisis.

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