Chart of price change GBP/CHF

Currency pair GBPCHF consists of monetary units of two European developed in the economic plan countries where the British pound acts as the base currency, and Swiss franc - quoted. GBPCHF is one of the most popular and verified by time, currency tools in the international Forex market. Great Britain and Switzerland possess the high level of GDP and have stable trading and economic relations.

GBPCHF: снижение к 1.228
GBPCHF, M30 Forecast

Пара GBPCHF пробила сильный уровень поддержки в районе отметки 1.244. Этот факт подразумевает дальнейшее снижение вплоть к историческим минимумам в связи с отсутствием на пути снижения серьезных уровней поддержки. При пробитии нижней границы канала Дончиана можно открывать короткие позиции. О дальнейшем снижении также сигнализируют индикаторы АО и Аллигатор. Спецификация сделки: Sell-stop: 1.2404 Take-profit: 1.228 Stop-loss: 1.2466

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GBPCHF: Forecast
GBPCHF, W1 Forecast

Of course, traders try to avoid GBP in trading, but this AB=CD maybe will give us a hint.

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GBPCHF: Продавать или нет?
GBPCHF, D1 Forecast

Предполагаю, что для продажи сейчас наступил самый благоприятный момент.

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GBPCHF: Attention
GBPCHF, D1 Forecast

We should pay attention to the level 1.4283.

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GBPCHF: Sell, sell, sell
GBPCHF, D1 Forecast

You can see on the chart that we have a great sell opportunity.

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GBPCHF, D1 Forecast

On the chart you can see that we have a great possibility to sell.

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GBPCHF, H4 Sell Profit: 356.1 pips RoR: 119%

sell a little more

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sell  GBP/CHF
GBPCHF, H4 Sell Profit: -300 pips RoR: -97%

starting bearish wave from 61.8 fibo on H4 . it seems a long bearish trend

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GBPCHF, H4 Sell Profit: -200 pips RoR: Stop Loss

daily resistance

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GBPCHF: Перспектива
GBPCHF, M30 Forecast

На данный момент пара ведёт себя неоднозначно, но у нас есть хорошая возможность для продажи.

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GBPCHF: Приближение к падению
GBPCHF, D1 Forecast

Наблюдая за скользящими средними мы видим, что с начала июля цена оптимистична. В данный момент, цена находится у линии поддержи/сопротивления.

0 48
Дамир 3005 670
GBPCHF, D1 Buy Profit: -86 pips RoR: -99%


0 18
dima 589 102
GBPCHF, H4 Buy Profit: -30 pips RoR: -93%

EMA rebound

0 10
dima 589 102
GBPCHF, H4 Sell Profit: -30 pips RoR: -95%

sell to other cloud border

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Waiting For Pullback
GBPCHF, H4 Forecast

Today GBPCHF successfully breaking up the resistance zone at 1.44071 - 1.44427 then change the resistance become support. For this situation we can wait for GBPCHF taking a pullback movement first to the support (B point) to take buy/long position with target to C level.

0 149
dima 589 102
GBPCHF, H4 Buy Profit: 66.3 pips RoR: 66%

the price unbounded of EMA (green) ishimoku made a cross

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dima 589 102
trend 1-st signal
GBPCHF, H4 Sell Profit: -100 pips RoR: -97%

trend 1-st signal after new minimum

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GBPCHF as confirmation of GBPUSD and USDCHF
GBPCHF, H1 Forecast

GBPCHF also fell sharply on US session confirmed two previous analysis, GBPUSD and USDCHF. The downfall is likely to continue to support level 1.3762 and the three interrelated. Confirmation of GBPCHF will be a signal for GBPUSD and we expect rebound opportunity on USDCHF still limited to 1.3943.

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GBPCHF: near a big support, target 49
GBPCHF, H1 Forecast

GBPCHF The pair is near a big support of the 15/10 and it is breaking it in this moment. We would suggest to follow the break and to set 1.49 as next target of the downtrend movement.

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Triangle Consolidation
GBPCHF, H4 Forecast

As we can see on the chart, GBPCHF create a triangle consolidatin zone. I identify support zone at 1.53013 - 1.53266 and the resistance zone at 1.54304 - 1.54545. For this condition so I decide to wait and see first, I will take Sell position if the support has been broken and vice versa I will take buy position if the resistance zone has been broken. Consolidation means the buyer and sell volume are in the equilibrium condition.

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GBPCHF, target 5264 after double top
GBPCHF, H1 Forecast

Downtrend by now after a double top. The probabilities to reach the target 1.5264 are very high after these two configurations. In addition to that our currency indicators on D1 timeframe are signaling a reinforcement of the CHF against the GBP. Have a good trading

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The GBPCHF trading instrument represents a currency pair the most active biddings of which are conducted during the European session - during work of the exchanges of Europe. The currency pair of GBPCHF differs in the increased volatility and actively reacts to an exit of important economic and political news.

When forecasting it should be taken into account fundamental data from the EU (indicators of inflation and consumer price indexes, changes in interest rates, the GDP dynamics, the level of unemployment), and also to remember that the Swiss franc is one of currencies shelters especially demanded at the time of crises.

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