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    August review of Alfa-Forex Managers’ investment

    Did you think that the market is sometimes cunning? And what then can we say about the summer, which flew absolutely imperceptibly because of rains and thunderstorms. The August review of Alfa-Forex Managers’ investment accounts is now available. But before we move to the best Managers of the past month, we would like to tell you exactly how we conduct this review since there are a lot of questions coming from potential investors, and even Managers.

    The review is formed solely based on the investment accounts indicators. The basis of the indicators is profitability, namely, how smooth the profitability chart is and whether there were drawdowns on it. Then we consider the indicators of the account drawdown and the deposit loading. In the case that most of the deposit is used for trading, and there were moments of severe drawdown, such an account is not included in the review because of the potential danger for the investment. If we take the account with a high load, but with a low drawdown, then we inform clients about the possibility of a several months’ investment.

    We also take into account the Stop Loss and Take Profit orders usage - if they are applied, then the trade goes strictly according to the chosen Managers’ trading system. The indicator of profitable transactions, together with a drawdown chart, informs us of the efficiency of the trading system. We apply an "inside view", analyzing the Managers transactions. Such information might be hidden from investors, but the decision on this issue remains at the trader’s discretion.

    It is now time to find out who was the best in July based on the above parameters!

    ADE Group AF

    This is the first time for this account to be in our review, and it is not surprising - it exists only for 3 months. But we could not pass by the indicator of profitable transactions of this account - 99% out of 255 trades. The drawdown indicator was also not less solid - the maximum value was fixed at 4.44%. If we take into account a large number of transactions, we can make a simple conclusion - such indicators are not randomness, but a balanced work of the rebuilt trading system.

    Actually, it is built on impulse price movements and increases the volume of transactions in case of the right, as it shows, direction.  To put it simply the Manager applies pipsing that is closing transactions with small profits. There is no stick to one currency pair on the account - the Manager takes into operation those currency pairs where profitable signals to trade appear.

    The current profit of the account is around 17% - not quite the usual indicator when loading the deposit is 30%; but we are interested in effectiveness. The account is also gaining popularity among investors. 42 investors have already entrusted their capital to this Manager. Although the managed amount is not yet so high, its growth is definitely only a matter of time.

    The investment terms for this account are quite attractive - the Manager takes only 35% of the profit. For some reason, he does not use Stop Loss orders, so this account might be considered as an option for short-term or medium-term investments.

    Invest in ADE Group AF


    Romanov Portfolio

    This account has already been included in our monthly reviews several times, because it is unique in its kind and continues to bring profit to investors from month to month. Hence, over the past 30 days the profitability index has grown from 185% to 230%. The last value is an indicator of the total profitability for more than one year. We can say that the effectiveness of the account depends on large American companies such as Wal-Mart (a large online hardware store) and Facebook (social network). This is logical since the trading is mainly concentrated on them.

    The account has large unfixed profit due to the fact that the positions have so far been opened, but for investors this is not a hindrance; profit calculation in Alfa-Forex is based on equity. To put it simple, even if the positions are not closed, the investor can easily withdraw potential profit from the investment account. You can also mention the figures of the deposit loading, but this is a formality, because if the "Equity" indicator grows, the "Deposit Loading" indicator falls, which is logical. At the moment the deposit is loaded by 12%.

    The investment risk in this account is due to the same dependence on the condition of large US companies, and the Manager himself informs: "With the decline in the US stock market, drawdown on the account will easily exceed 50% -70%. The recommended amount of investment is up to $ 100." However, this is only a recommendation from the Manager. Remember, the choice is always yours; think carefully before investing large amounts of money. The account seems suitable for long-term investment.

    Invest in Romanov Portfolio


    Lucky Pound

    Since the last review on this account, global changes have taken place. First, profit on the account increased more than 2 times and it is now 87%. Secondly, due to new investors and successful trades, the amount of funds is now approximately $ 170,000.

    Of course, such indicators speak for themselves and arose, as they say, not from the ceiling. Hence, the loading of the deposit was increased and reached 43% at peak values, but the drawdown remained within the norm of this account, which was initially moderate in trades.

    Probably, the work of the trade adviser, which, in fact, works on the investment account, was corrected; and this of course, not without the Manager’s supervision. There are specific goals for deals; profit and losses are limited within the framework of the trading system used.

    It is worth paying attention to the account - it seems that the Manager is working on it towards his aim to increase the results, and this gives confidence to investors. The account seems suitable for long-term and medium-term investments.

    Invest in the Lucky Pound



    It is generally believed that summer is holiday season, and everyone withdraws their funds for their vacations. But here we see a different picture. Since June, the active growth of the investment capital began, and it continues to this day. For 2 years of the account existence, the indicators have already reached more than 120 000 dollars under management and 1880% of profit. As we already wrote earlier, the account refers to aggressively trading - this is clearly visible on the charts. Drawdown of 35% is considered to be normal for this account, and the load is in the same range.

    The manager trades a small number of transactions, but with a large volume of positions. Trade is short-term, but some trades are carried to the next day. Unfortunately, there has been no trade already for a month – traders are not robots and also want to take a rest. But you can now take the time to properly study the account, so that upon the return of the Manager you are ready. The account seems suitable for medium and short-term investments.

    Invest in 1003558


    AvanTrader Fund> cross-hedging

    This is another representative of aggressive trading, which often appears in our reviews. Truth be told, the account slowed down the profit growth rate in May; but the situation quickly recovered - now it seems that there is a steady growth.

    In terms of trades there are no surges, everything seems stable within the norm of the account. The deposit loading is in the region of 10%, and the drawdown did not exceed 4% for the last month. If you look at the profit chart, then you will see an increase from 1700% to 1890% in 30 days, which is a good result.

    You could compare this account with 1003558, but the Managers use different trading systems. This account is traded exclusively on a bundle of the Canadian dollar, besides the underlying drawdown and loading charts are different. The only thing that unites them is the same percentage of profits.

    The account seems suitable for medium and long-term investment, but be careful - previously there was a high drawdown on the account. Since then, a year has passed, and this fact should be taken into account.

    Invest in AvanTrader Fund> cross-hedging

    Conservative stable

    Road to the young! Such a slogan is fully applicable to this account. It exists for only 2 months, but during this period the total profit was 37.15%. The account might be considered promising, despite the small number of transactions. The account can be attributed to moderate, and this is signaled to all potential investors even by the Manager: "The profit is about 10-20% per month." This is a rather believable goal.

    It is too early to draw conclusions about the future of the account, but the current indicators look decent. Drawdown on the account has not exceeded 10%, and the deposit load, and judging by the chart, is planned to stay around 10%. Most of the managed funds belong to the trader himself, going beyond the usual capital of $ 1,000.

    The manager takes only 30% of his profits from investment funds. For now, you may look at this account and wait for a while to realize whether the current indicators continue or improve, before considering any potential investment.

    Visit the statistics page Conservative stable


    Important note: past returns on the PAMM accounts should not be considered as a guarantee of future profits/returns. The Company offers the PAMM Account as a service for managers and investors, but is not involved in the management of the account. The Company will not be held responsible for any of the investment decisions you made on PAMM accounts. Any investment decisions that you might take, should take into account among other, your investment objectives and risk profile.

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