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    Investment account overview for September 2017

    We are pleased to present you the investment account overview for September 2017. Last time, we described how the investment accounts overview is composed, but let us remind you the details once again.

    Not all the accounts can be found in the overview as it otherwise would have taken 20 pages, and it is very unlikely that someone would read it. The main point that sets the summary apart from our investment account rating is that we do not base it on the rating formula. There are factors that the formula does not consider, and artificial intelligence has not yet emerged in the realm of financial markets.

    Let us enumerate the parameters we take into consideration when we create the overview:

    • Drawdown and deposit exposure charts: These graphs determine the aggressiveness and the cost efficiency of the investment. If an account is in the overview, it is cost-efficient. Please note that we present the optimal investment return.     
    • The rate of return chart: It depends on the deposit exposure and it determines how conservative, moderate or aggressive a strategy is.
    • The number of closed deals, the number of profitable and loss-making deals: A significant percentage of positive deals is not always good. A manager can "sit out" loss-making positions. That is why we evaluate the trading strategy, i.e. the model applied by a manager. 
    • Stop Loss and Take Profit orders: These orders set a plan for a deal, which automatically closes positions when price has moved to a desired, pre-determined profit/loss area.

    This overview represents the views of the company's specialists and is produced based on the parameters mentioned above. We wish you a good reading!

    ADE Group AF

    Let us start our today's overview with a special case account. Its manager uses the martingale strategy but he opens deals according to impulse momenta. If we look at the drawdown chart, we will see the maximum of 4.44%, provided that it took place at the deposit exposure highs.

    As far as this account is concerned, the deposit exposure is a secondary indicator, meaning that the manager does not “sit out” the loss, which is typical for the martingale. Unfortunately, we cannot see the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. This information is available only to the manager himself. However, investors can ask him a question in their Personal area. It is probable that the manager meets investors' needs and discloses some information. 

    The rate of return graph has changed – from the day the last overview was published the overall profit increased from 18% to 22%. The percent is not that big since the trading is moderate; however, it is not a bad result. There have been more funds invested as well, meaning that the interest for the account has been growing. The account may be considered for mid-term investment.

    Check ADE Group AF

    Best Life USD

    This is a new account in the overview – it has been  around for over two months and uses the martingale tactics. According to the statistics, the manager takes moderate risks, but technically the trading differs from the “ADE Group AF” expert advisor.

    The drawdown and the deposit exposure indicators are specific for moderate trading. At the moment the overall return makes 33.63%. The investors’ interest is noticeable, but we would recommend waiting until the account proves itself.

    But if you are interested to invest in this account, we suggest depositing funds for a short period of time and check the results. The account has the maximum loss declaration of 30%. It is an additional insurance against the loss, which only a few managers offer.

    Check Best Life USD


    Many traders, scalpers, in particular, choose the EURUSD currency pair because of a small spread. But the ATM account is different – the manager trades only AUDCAD and, what is also important, often during the night. Of course, it is not the Manager's insomnia to blame – the Asian trading session is mainly active in the late hours.    

    An expert adviser has been trading on the ATM account rather effectually for ten months: the overall rate of return reached 214%. But talking about the positive result, we must mention a 58% drawdown because of a high deposit exposure. There were no such blunders later on; apparently, the managers made conclusions and modified his expert advisor.

    In general, the account may be considered as aggressive. At the moment there are 48 active investors on the account. ATM may be added to a mid-term and short-term investment portfolio.

    Check ATM


    We congratulate SMP_USD to the promotion! The account did not participate in the rating because of a small manager’s capital (according to the Alfa-Forex conditions, the minimum manager’s capital to get to the rating is $1000). Now the account meets the requirement and we are pleased to share it with you.

    The account may be considered as moderate – the overall rate of return for six months is 30%. The account owner carries out a short-term trading or, in other words, scalping. He also enters the market if there is a trend on small timeframes.

    In late August the deposit exposure exceeded 72%. Hence, the overall rate of return increased from 19% to 29%. The average deposit exposure makes 10%, the maximum drawdown is 2% which is typical for moderate trading.

    The manager takes 50% from the profit; of course, these conditions are not perfect, even if we pay attention to other advantages of this account. However, please feel free to contact the manager so that he creates an additional offer. The account may be considered for mid-term and long-term investment.

    Check SMP_USD

    AvanTrader Fund>cross-hedging

    Last but not least, we would like to present to you the only account with a high rate of return in this overview. At the moment the overall profit is 1950%, and it steadily grows due to aggressive trading.

    In the previous overview, we noted that the account used to have a 58% drawdown and recommended to be careful. In late August a similar situation came up again, but the loss was smaller – 23%. It affected the profit chart – the overall rate of return dropped from 1900% to 1500%.

    For two weeks the account has overcome the drawdown and started reaching historical highs. Such jumps are quite common in an aggressive account; sometimes things may go "off-track." The important thing is that the rate of return matches the risks. The account has been working for two months and is considered a "long-liver." It may be included in a short-term and a mid-term investment portfolio.

    Check AvanTrader Fund>cross-hedging

    Important note: past returns on the PAMM accounts should not be considered as a guarantee of future profits/returns. The Company offers the PAMM Account as a service for managers and investors, but is not involved in the management of the account. The Company will not be held responsible for any of the investment decisions you made on PAMM accounts. Any investment decisions that you might take, should take into account among other, your investment objectives and risk profile.

    Figures presented in the investment accounts overview may differ materially from figures presented on the website of Alfa-Forex, as they depend on information available at the time of preparation of the overview.

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