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    Account overview for October 2017

    We are pleased to present to you the investment account overview for October 2017. Autumn conventionally marks the beginning of a more active trading season.  

    Please read our overview and carefully study the investment accounts rating, in order to choose the investment account which matches your investment profile and risk appetite. Following the tradition, please find below  the basic parameters we take into consideration when selecting the accounts to be included in our overview.

    Drawdown and deposit exposure charts: These graphs determine the aggressiveness and the cost efficiency of the investment. If an account is in the overview, it is cost-efficient. Please note that we present the optimal investment return.

    The rate of return chart: It depends on the deposit exposure, and it determines how conservative, moderate or aggressive a strategy is.

    The number of closed deals, the number of profitable and loss-making deals: A significant percentage of positive deals is not always good. A manager can "sit out" loss-making positions. That is why we evaluate the trading strategy, i.e., the model applied by a manager.

    Stop Loss and Take Profit orders: These orders set a plan for a deal, which automatically closes positions when the price has moved to a desired, pre-determined profit/loss area.

    ADE Group AF

    This is not the first time this investment account is included in the monthly overview. Yielding a moderate rate of return, the account currently works with 152 investors and an overall balance of $50 000.

    The account was created six months ago, which means that it’s relatively new. However, it keeps its place at the top of the rating, due to its efficiency according to the return-to-risk ratio. Please be reminded that the rating does not analyze trades.

    The manager of ADE Group AF uses the martingale strategy. Deals are opened by a robotic expert advisor, which “does not forget” stop orders. The current indicators are as follows: the rate of return has increased by 2.6% from the 15th of September; the drawdown has been moving around 4%; the deposit exposure slightly increased to 17.85%.

    The overall balance of the account increased from $31 000 to $50 000.

    The account can be considered for a mid-term investment.

    Check ADE Group AF

    BestLife USD

    Both the balance and the rate of return of BestLife USD investment account have been increased in the last month. The trading strategy resembles that of ADE Group AF, however, the expert advisor settings are different. The account has a stop loss declaration, which provides a safeguard for investors: as soon as the drawdown reaches 30%, all positions will be closed and the trading will be suspended for five days. During those days, the investors usually reconsider their choice and decide if they want to keep investing in the account or withdraw their funds.

    The traders share 50% of the potential profits.

    From the day the latest overview was published, BestLife USD has increased the overall rate of return from 36% to an impressive 53%.. The deposit exposure and the floating drawdown have been fluctuating at low levels, which is an indication that the account manager follows a rather moderate risk approach.

    We believe that the account may be considered for a short-term investment.

    Check BestLife USD

    Smart Money USD

    Smart Money USD is a new entry in our overview. In just 2 months of presence, it has already gained recognition among moderate investors who are after low risk investments. At the moment the total balance is $80,000, the total rate of return is 76%, and there is also an unrealized profit of $3,600. The account manager does not make use of the martingale strategy and does not “overstay” their positions. The strategy is based on the search for large, "smart" money and analysis of the CME option market, which means that the trades are in sync with large exchange players. The manager is a supporter of strict fixed SL, which, as a rule, does not exceed 1-2% of the deposit. The defensive declaration of 20provides a safeguard for investors who choose to invest in this account.

    This account can be considered for medium and long-term investments. There is also a ruble equivalent called Smart Money RUR.

    Check Smart Money USD or Smart Money RUR


    The account was not included in the previous overview due to a temporary cease of activity. This month the investment account makes a comeback, having successfully overcome a drawdown and making a new historical high. The total historical rate of return has exceeded the psychological 100%. It should be noted that the overall balance of the first three investment accounts of this overview has increased at least by half.

    The manager of the account aims at high market volatility, using a robot, which considers different patterns (including chart models) in order to set the StopLoss and TakeProfit orders. Though the deposit exposure almost reached the peak value (a little bit over 40%) during the reporting period, the drawdown did not exceed 3%.

    The LuckyPound account has the highest balance among all the accounts in this overview.. Manager’s fee is 35% on the profit.

    Given the low intraday volatility of the rate of return and the age of over 500 days, the account may be considered for a conservative portfolio. The ruble investors may be interested in the other "child" of the manager – the Sphere account, with a balance close to 3 000 000 rubles.

    Check LuckyPound or Sphere


    With a steady increase in the rate of return and without significant drawdown or deposit overexposure the ATM account remains part of the TOP 10 Alfa-Forex investment accounts.

    The account manager declares that he uses the averaging strategy (increasing the positions’ volume, in order to raise the average price and make up for loss faster, in case the price reverses). Most traders consider this technique risky, however, it seems like the manager has optimized the trading robot in order to avoid critical drawdowns.

    ATM is another representative of the automatic trading.  

    Check ATM


    The account manager has an aggressive trading style and therefore the account is best suited for consideration by investors with a high risk tolerance. The first thing you notice is the account's age – it has been working more than two years; aggressive strategies typically stop working after six months or even earlier (depending on the market situation).

    The historical chart demonstrates an increasing rate of return; however, you should not ignore the drawdown, which reached 60% and 70% in critical moments. Probably, the growth has recently become slightly slower, but the total historical rate of return has exceeded 2000% (excluding the manager’s fee).

    The account was not that active in October; the trading was stopped for a few days. It also displayed a minor drawdown, which the manager has successfully overcome..

    Check AvanTraderFund > cross-hedging


    Important note: Past returns on the Managers' investment accounts should not be used as guarantee of future profits. The Company offers the Managers' investment account as a service for managers and investors, but is not involved in the management of the account and accounts managers' investment decisions. Before you make any investment decisions, please consider your investment objectives and risk appetite.


    Figures presented in the investment accounts overview may differ materially from figures presented on the website of Alfa-Forex, as they depend on information available at the time of preparation of the overview.

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