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    Top-3 PAMM-managers in August

    It's time to sum up the results of the last month, full, as always, of the huge amount of speculative opportunities. We are sure that you have managed to join the ranks of successful investors, especially since many of our managers continue to show excellent results in accounts management – which is clearly shown by the rates of return which are improving with each month.


    1000$ + Roman + 1 month = 1280


    In August the following strategies showed very interesting results: 4, Antitrend and strategy Roman. Unlike the first two, the Roman strategy is a newcomer not only to our champion review, but to the entire PAMM service. And if with first two strategies in order to obtain an objective assessment of the professionalism of managers it is enough to look at their historic performance – it is more complicated with the Roman strategy. The strategy has been registered over a month ago, but if you omit the traditional lyrics about multiplying account balance in the first stage of its existence, the Roman strategy can become a great investment decision for growing the starting investment. By the end of last month, the profit amounted to 28%, which is equivalent to 336% per annum. The maximum drawdown of the account is 25%, which was allowed by the manager at the next round of euro devaluation. Even though the downtrend was predictable, many were betting on the possibility of technical correction following sharp sales. The Roman strategy was among them. It should be noted that the manager trades only the EURUSD pair, and given the richness of the fundamental developments of this month, coupled with realistic expectations of new economic stimulus from the ECB, there will be more than enough opportunities for effective trading by the manager. In the meantime, let's just sum up the results of last month: 28% profit!


    1000$ + 4 + 1 month = 1280$

  4 can also boasts similar results for the last month - 28% per month, which is equivalent to 336% per annum - but only if the current trend continues. 4 strategy has one very important advantage - minimal risk due to continuous monitoring of the account. Even if you ignore the results of last month and focus on the whole trading history, it is not difficult to note that the maximum drawdown never exceeded 17%. The average leverage of 8.5 also adds to the technique of risk management. Manager prefers to diversify the trading, using almost all the instruments available on the Forex market. Direct quotes, inverse and "crosses" – all are traded. The manager either sees all promising entry setups across a variety of assets,or he has the complementary hedging system making it possible - in the event of unforeseen price fluctuations - to use the winning trades to compensate for the negative results of the losing trades. In other words, when the wrong trading decision is made, it is immediately compensated for with an alternative trade in other assets. The results of such trading speak for themselves - a monthly collaboration with the manager would earn $ 280 profit on the $ 1000 investment.


    1000$ + Antitrend + 1 month = 1360$


    Extra attention should be paid to the Antitrend strategy. In last month the strategy earned 36%. The strategy bypassed the previous two not only in terms of profitability - the maximum drawdown was also on a very conservative level, especially if we do not take into account the beginning of last month, which is likely the result of an erroneous trade decision of the previous period. In any case, the manager overcame drawdown, not allowing the critical pressure on the account balance. The average leverage used of 5.7 remains one of the lowest of all the managers represented in the rating. At minimum it indicates that the manager tries to avoid unnecessary risks. Antitrend remains one of the old-timers of the rating, confirming the skills of the manager for the past year. Having said that, if you are interested in not too risky strategic investment which already showed 100% per annum - Antitrend can be quite a good choice.


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