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    The results of Mazda Hoki contest: the winner has given an interview to FBS company

    The long-awaited results of Mazda Hoki contest by FBS have been finally announced. A Jakarta citizen, Eka Hadi Dirgantara Putra has become a winner. We have contacted him to obtain an interview, and the pleasantly surprised Mazda owner has willingly answered all our questions.

    Please, tell us, for how long have you been interested in trading? Is Forex just a hobby or an initial financial source for you?

    I am trying to trade for about 1 year. Trading is just a hobby for me as the main source of my income is my current work. However, now, being a winner, I have become much more interested in Forex! Taking into consideration the fact that I used to manage to get profit from trading. Probably, the main secret is to be patient and to believe in you. Unquestionably, I could not also do without a lot of luck. And even now I still cannot believe that it was me who has won the car! And what is it if not a good fortune?

    Why have chosen FBS exactly as your Forex-broker?

    FBS company has given a very good account on itself in Indonesia. I have heard about it for the first time from my friend and then I have been often given a lot of good references on the company from other acquaintances.  I got very much interested and visited the website. I liked the convenience of services, high-quality analytics, advantageous promotions. I have decided that the company is good and that is why I continued with it. And now I can’t do without FBS: I will be proud to drive a car with the logo of the company.

    Is it your first experience of participation in the contests provided by FBS?

    Actually I have already tried to take part in several contests and not only with FBS but I have never won anything. That is why what is now happening to me and to my family is a genuine miracle! As far as FBS contests are concerned, I tried to participate in FBSPro and then in Super Trader at the very beginning of my trading with the company.

    Please, share your impressions about your participation in Mazda Hoki contest. Could you have thought that you would finally win?

    Oh, no, I have never thought about it! But sure you see how happy I am about the way it all has turned out! I just registered my account and followed the news. And is there a person who could have believed that the car from all these photos and videos would finally be mine? I remember the day when I saw my account on the contest webpage – I refreshed the page several times as I could not believe  in what I saw. Then I have called for my relatives to help me as I thought there was flashing before my eyes. But when everyone realized that it all was true we have thrown a sincere celebration.

    What is changed in your life after you have won in the contest?

    Well, firstly, my family has got a new car! What is more, my attitude towards life has totally changed. Now I do believe everyone can win. All my nearest and dearest were so happy, and that is the most important thing for me. I know that everything in life should be gained through hard work. Perhaps, this car is the only bargain acquired for nothing. I realize that I will continue trading on Forex. However, I will reckon on the victories that are the result of my own knowledge and efforts.

    Are there any arrangements you would like to make in terms of your prize?

    I will keep the car for my family. We will go shopping, visit our relatives, and undertake business trips. Sure I have thought about its sale in order to invest the money, but this victory is much dearer to me. That is such a pleasant feeling to win an automobile that has helped to make so many good deeds. That is the kind of money that cannot be bought. I want it to remain in our family and, who knows, maybe I will manage to continue the activity started by FBS.

    What plays the major role in trading – good luck or knowledge of some significant trading strategies?

    Both! One cannot do neither without knowledge nor without luck. And you can never rely on one of them. I used not to be a strong believer in fortune. However, that is what brought me this car, and probably that is what helps me with my Forex trading. I have registered my account in the beginning of the contest, almost a year ago. Sure, I have always dreamt of getting a car for my family. But I could never have expected that one can get something by happy coincidence!

    What are the qualities that disturb a trader from successful Forex trading?

    In my opinion, they are lack of knowledge and intemperance. It is necessary to learn trading rules, to develop a strategy, to try it on a demo account first. It is essential to learn how to control yourself. As soon as big money comes, many traders want to gain even more, that is why they run unjustified risks and lose everything. It is significant to explore the market and have the courage to stop in time. In this case you are doomed to success!

    What can you advise to FBS traders?

    I would like to advise them to be optimistic, believe in themselves, rely on their own sense and to understand what you are doing all this for: for the sake of you or for the sake of enrichment sooner or later greed will interfere. I personally believe that you should earn as much money as your nearest and dearest need. So that to gain prosperity in every aspect of your life. Because as soon as you start a golden rush, you take the risk of losing everything you have. But in case you act for a noble reason, you are sure to succeed!

    We would like to remind that a year ago we bought a Mazda2 and launched a unique contest. Everyone who had had an account with FBS and had registered it in the contest could have become a winner. The results were announced on 14 November.

    Follow our news as we will publish photos from the prize presentation ceremony.

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