Chart of price change CAD/CHF

Currency pair CADCHF isn't very popular in the Forex market, combining Canadian dollar in the form of the base currency and the Swiss franc as the quoted one. On the behavior of a CADCHF currency pair, in addition to economic indicators of Canada and Switzerland, also influences the state of the USA economy. In general, the tool is considered low-profit, the most active trading on this tool takes place in the working hours of the European trading session.


Predicting the further movement of this currency pair quotes, it is necessary to be guided by levels of support and resistance. Pronounced trends, regular for CADCHF, allow making a good profit, using for this purpose the levels and channels which are accurately created for the long periods.

The major factors capable of influencing price tendencies change of this tool - the oil quotes directly influencing indicators of the Canadian economy as the large raw supplier, and state of the economy of Switzerland on whom depends on the demand of its national monetary unit as reserve world currency.

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