Chart of price change GBP/CHF

Currency pair GBPCHF consists of monetary units of two European developed in the economic plan countries where the British pound acts as the base currency, and Swiss franc - quoted. GBPCHF is one of the most popular and verified by time, currency tools in the international Forex market. Great Britain and Switzerland possess the high level of GDP and have stable trading and economic relations.

The GBPCHF trading instrument represents a currency pair the most active biddings of which are conducted during the European session - during work of the exchanges of Europe. The currency pair of GBPCHF differs in the increased volatility and actively reacts to an exit of important economic and political news.

When forecasting it should be taken into account fundamental data from the EU (indicators of inflation and consumer price indexes, changes in interest rates, the GDP dynamics, the level of unemployment), and also to remember that the Swiss franc is one of currencies shelters especially demanded at the time of crises.

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