Chart of price change GBP/NZD

Currency pair GBPNZD is the cross-rate consisting of the British pound and the New Zealand dollar. The currency rate quotes of GBPNZD show how many New Zealand dollars cost one British pound sterling. New Zealand and Great Britain are connected by long-term economic and commercial ties which balance has most considerable impact on the behavior of the currency rate of this trading instrument.

A key feature of the New Zealand dollar, which is a part of the given financial tool, is its agricultural orientation caused by the status of New Zealand as one of the largest world suppliers of sheep wool. In its turn, the British pound acts as the representative of one of the most industrially developed world powers, having a considerable impact on all world economy.

In the forecasting movement of the GBPNZD price, it should be taken into account the GDP current level of both countries, indicators of their business activity, and also macroeconomic forecasts for agricultural and industrial sectors of the world economy.

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