Chart of price change GBP/SGD

Currency pair GBPSGD represents the exotic financial instrument and shows a rate of the British pound against the Singapore dollar. In the pair GBPSGD, the British pound is the base currency while Singapore dollar — quoted. In the Forex market, this currency pair isn't very widespread. The Singapore dollar is rather a stable currency, and the economy of Singapore is characterized by a low rate of inflation and prevalence of export over import.

Singapore is an industrially advanced state with economic development and high level of living of the population. The advantageous geographical position of the country allows it to perform active trading with all the largest countries of the world. Despite the small sizes, in the country is actively carried out production and oil refining.

The highest level of development of the country allows carrying it to the group which is referred to as “Asian tigers” as the economy in Singapore is developed to the level of the largest western countries as the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany.

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