Chart of price change SEK/JPY

Currency pair SEKJPY is the exotic trading instrument in the Forex market and shows a ratio of Swedish krona and Japanese yen. In this currency pair SEKJPY the Swedish krona acts as the base currency, and Japanese yen — quoted. SEKJPY pair is not strongly widespread in the exchange market. Activity on the SEKJPY financial instrument can be observed during working hours of the Asian and European exchanges.

High economic rates of Sweden and Japan play an important role in development SEKJPY. Thanks to the availability of a large amount of minerals in the territory of Sweden, the economic level of the country is at the highest level.

The country became one of the largest suppliers of iron ore, paper and steel. World oil prices and gas can have an impact on the national currency rate of the country. The SEKJPY financial instrument is considered low-liquid, therefore constituting the forecast for this tool, the trader should pay attention to the political and economic events occurring around the world.

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