Chart of price change USD/DKK

Currency pair USDDKK belongs to the exotic trading instruments showing a ratio of the American dollar against the Danish krone. The trading symbol USDDKK specifies how many Danish krone it is necessary to pay for the purchase of one US dollar. The American national currency acts as basic, and the Danish krone is exposed to converting. The currency pair USDDKK is rather a widespread trading instrument in the international exchange market, however, isn't characterized by large transaction volume.

Oil prices, economic and geopolitical changes in the Eurozone, change in the exchange rate of the dollar, and also price level and trading volumes of agricultural production have a considerable impact on USDDKK rate.

Thanks to rich reserves of the black gold in the territory of Denmark, when forecasting, the special attention should be paid to the situations in the raw markets. Denmark is characterized by the high level of economic development, and also the worthy level of living. The pair is characterized by high volatility and expanded spreads.

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