Chart of price change USD/MXN

Currency pair USDMXN shows a ratio of the American dollar to the Mexican peso and belongs to exotic currency tools. The quotes of the trading instrument show how many Mexican pesos it is necessary to pay for buying one US dollar. The pair isn't in great demand with traders from Europe and Asia, however, is rather popular among participants in the exchange market from the USA, Canada, and the countries of Latin America and Mexico.

Thanks to that one of the primary branches of Mexico is the oil industry, Mexican peso sensitively reacts to any changes in the market of black gold. The activity of travel business stimulates inflow of the foreign equity in the country that substantially has an impact on the economy of Mexico.

Being the member of NAFTA, Mexico conducts a vigorous trading activity with the USA and Canada. The currency pair isn't recommended for the beginning traders, owing to the raised volatility. USDMXN trading instrument shows the greatest activity during working hours of the American exchanges.

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