Chart of price change USD/PLN

Currency pair USDPLN is the exotic trading instrument in which the US dollar acts as the base currency, and the Polish Zloty — quoted. The rate of a currency pair USDPLN shows how many Polish Zloty it is necessary to pay for one American dollar. The pair is subject to strong volatility and, therefore, isn't recommended to inexperienced participants of the exchange market. The most active biddings on this financial instrument are conducted during working hours of the European and American exchanges.

The economic level of Poland has an impact on the USDPLN trading instrument. The main economic sector of the country is the mechanical engineering, along with the chemical and coal industry. Poland is rich with minerals, including natural gas, copper, coal and lead, therefore, the national currency rate is influenced by changes in the commodity markets.

When forecasting price maneuvers of this trading instrument special attention should be paid on fundamental factors in the EU and the USA, and also on import and export volume of minerals in Poland. Thanks to high volatility in USDPLN trading it is possible to use scalping.

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