Chart of price change USD/RUB

Currency pair USDRUB is a very familiar pair to the Russian traders. This tool doesn't enjoy world popularity and carries the name of the exotic currency pair. The American dollar is the base currency in this couple, and Russian ruble — quoted. The amount of transactions in this trading instrument very often is below amounts on the most popular EURUSD pair. It is caused by certain worries concerning the instability of the Russian economy.

The interest rate fluctuation has a great influence on USDRUB quotes. The increase of rates helps the increase of ruble and lowering of the American dollar — and vice versa. It should be noted that negative economic events in the European Union influence USDRUB pair as a reduction of the price of euro increase the cost of the American dollar in relation to ruble.

Also, commodity economy of the Russian Federation has an impact on national currency depending on the oil quotes. Fall of oil prices provokes ruble depreciation. Proceeding from it for maintenance of ruble it is necessary to convert the dollars coming to Russia. Performing transactions on this trading instrument, the first that the trader should consider, it is high volatility.

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