Chart of price change USD/SEK

Currency pair USDSEK is the exotic financial instrument and shows a ratio of the American dollar and Swedish krona. The quotes of USDSEK specifies how many Swedish krona it is necessary to pay for one US dollar where the American currency acts as basic, and the national currency of Sweden plays a role of the quoted. The most active biddings on this trading instrument are conducted in operating time of the European and North American session. 

Sweden is rich with minerals, among which large deposits of iron ore and non-ferrous metals. Sweden is one of the largest exporters of iron ore, steel and paper that supports the national economy at the worthiness level.

Changes in the oil market, and also the prices of the main energy carriers have a considerable impact on a currency pair of USDSEK. When forecasting movements of the USDSEK trading instrument, it is necessary to consider the major fundamental factors of the USA and the EU, and also a sovereign rating of Sweden. One of the features of this currency pair is high volatility and expanded spread, for this reason, beginners shouldn't choose this tool for trading.

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