Chart of price change USD/ZAR

Currency pair USDZAR shows the relation of the US dollar exchange rate to the South African Rand. This couple is exotic and doesn't enjoy wide popularity in the Forex exchange market. In USDZAR pair base currency is the American dollar, and the South African Rand – quoted. The South African and can be carried to commodity currencies as it is strongly dependent on gold prices. The US dollar exchange rate is influenced by political events in the world and oil prices. 

The economy of the Republic of South Africa and the USA influences quotes of USDZAR pair. One of the main industries of the Republic of South Africa is the production of precious metals and stones. In addition, the Republic of South Africa is considered one of the largest producers of mechanical engineering products and cars that allows it to send the most part for export.

The national currency of the Republic of South Africa is subject to price influence on mechanical engineering and jewels and metals - the major factor influencing a Rand rate. USDZAR exotic pair fits even the beginners because the volatility of the toll if rather moderate.

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