Previous forecast can assume that, the 1.36 point is almost reached. This week will be full of important macroeconomic events. For the most part, the information is offered in states across the spectrum of the most important indicators – indicators of GDP, non-farm employment, the index of manufacturing activity. Also, attention will be paid to the interest rate and the comments at a meeting of the supreme people FOMC. Probably, there will be new information on the bars U.S. debt and how to “fix” the sinking ship of the financial system. Deterioration on all points of the U.S. economy is previously expected, so there is no optimism in this regard. However, we have to notice tthat the price level of 1.35 is a serious barrier to the further weakening of the dollar, and any more or less positive can be used by market participants to carry out counter-trend of operations. Fractal picture of the market declines in favor of correction and completion of the week with the sign “-“. So, by Friday, the pair may decline to 1.32. Do not forget that consolidation above 1.35 will cancel the proposed scenario and increase the overall “bullish” picture.

EUR 28.01.13