It's been a positive day for US economic data as retail sales surprised analysts lifting to 0.2% (0.0% exp). This shows a strong build up in the period before Christmas where retail sales is generally quite strong as well, and will bode well for the economy and the FED which is a big follower of the consumption based economy that is the USA. Further adding to fuel to the fire was of course CPI data which I touched on yesterday with Core CPI y/y coming in at 1.8% (1.7%) exp. While not the magic 2% mark the FED does chase it was certainly a positive reading and shows that the economy is turning over nicely in America. The real question will now be if fiscal policy from the Trump administration and can translate into real gains for the economy, or if his legislation will continue to struggle through the house and senate in America. It would be a strong mover of the dollar is something was passed with tangible gains in the near future, but so far the market is in wait and see mode on the fiscal front.

One of the major losers as a result of the USD boost was of course the Australian dollar which has lost ground after last night's economic data which showed wage growth being underwhelming. With the wage index coming in at 2% y/y (2.2% exp), showcasing that while the job market is strong wage growth is not following it and inflation will cause issues in the long run for the Australian economy if wage growth does not catch up. With the AUD now pushed against a wall traders have been of course waiting on the employment figures due out. Of course they've not been the best with employment dropping sharply to a reading of 3.7k (18.8k exp), but the unemployment rate falling to 5.4% accordingly adding some consolation for AUD bulls at present.  

On the charts the AUDUSD has not been this low since July and markets will be looking to see support at 0.7566 on the charts or if it will struggle to extend any lower and we see the predictable bounce in the AUDUSD. As the employment data is bad markets have overreacted and driven the AUD lower to support at 0.7566 where it has looked to take a breather at this key level. If the bulls do come back into the market - and it's really a maybe - then resistance levels can be found at 0.7624 and 0.7687 with the respective movements if things became worse from a fiscal point of view. Reality is however, that the bears are likely to have another crack and potentially force it down to the 0.7500 key level at present with the potential to fall further at this present time. 

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