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    Interview with contest winners: Try and achieve your goals

    We often share with you remarkable stories of traders from all around the world. But once in a while we receive stories like this: trading is a hobby for 85-year-old Iraida and 58-year-old Lyudmila from Russia. They trade and make money, and they also participate in contests, win, and claim prizes like $500 or $1,000! We take off our hats to them and wish them further success. These stories remind us that trading is available to everyone. All you need is a desire to make money, resolution, and a computer. Read about the new winners in our latest interview round-up.

    Albert Udaev, Russia, winner of the 506th round of Drag Trade, received real $ 200

    Preferred instruments: USDZAR, XAUUSD, GBPJPY, GBPNZD

    Preferred trading strategies: scalping, intraday trading, support and resistance levels, technical analysis

    Indicators: RSI and Stochastic Oscillator

    I am 36 years old, work as a programmer, also I like travelling. I learned trading from books, video tutorials, online webinars. I believe that it is necessary to study. Over time, my attitude to trading has become more serious, and now I want to turn Forex into a source of stable income. To deal with stress, you should always remember to follow your trading strategy. Experience also helps control emotions. When choosing a broker I pay attention to the company’s experience, read reviews on forums, examine deposit/withdrawal conditions. The thing I like the most about Grand Capital contests is that it’s possible to find one with suitable duration. This round was a success for me, I won with the help of scalping and my experience in trading. My advice to beginners is to study trading more and keep your emotions in check. Good luck to everyone!

    Urazova Iraida Vasilievna, Russia, winner of the 263th round of Rally Trade, received a $500 bonus

    Preferred instruments: gold, silver.

    My name is Iraida, I am 85 years old and I’m retired. I’ve been trading for several years already. I’m fond of all sorts of creative activity, also I’m learning to work with computers. I have experience working with finance, so starting with Forex was not too hard for me. Grandchildren help me to learn. I have been familiar with trading for a long time, but I tried it only a few years ago. Trading for me is one of many hobbies, I do not set any big market goals. One of my most successful trades involved gold. I don’t get too anxious when trading. Grandchildren suggested I participate in the contest, at first I had doubts, but then I agreed — and managed to win! Competitive trading is much more interesting, because the desire to take the first place drives you forward. In this round I placed trades with gold and silver as I usually do. My piece of advice to beginners is to try! Try and you will definitely achieve your goals!

    Lyudmila Panovitsyna, Russia, winner of the 505th round of Drag Trade, received real $ 200

    Preferred instruments: EURUSD, USDCHF, Gold.

    Preferred strategies: variable stop loss and variable take profit.

    I am 58 years old, a former teacher of technical disciplines, a mother of many children, and now a grandmother of a large family, retired. I have been trading on the market since 2013, this is my hobby. I studied trading with books: Forex for Beginners (a Guide for Future Millionaires), The Price Action Bible—Trader’s handbook, Collected Lectures of the Russian Financial Analyst S. G. Demur. Demo and micro accounts are very useful for learning. I prefer intraday trading, this way it’s easier for me to close trades with profit. I close the position with profit when I want to move it to breakeven. My goal to earn 30% of initial deposit per week and close positions at -30% of the deposit, then enter the market again. My biggest trading success happened when the prices of six simultaneously open positions reached profit after 4 hours, bypassing the stop loss. The biggest failure happened when the prices of six simultaneously open positions reached the stop loss after 4 hours, bypassing the take profit. I chose the wrong direction! I chose Grand Capital because it’s one of the biggest brokers. They also have an impeccable quality of service, I am reassured in this every time. My manager Rustem periodically reports company news, recommends to take an interest. I appreciate the opportunity to win a real deposit for trading in the contests offered by Grand Capital. For five years I missed a few Fridays, got into the top ten winners a few times. I think this is a wonderful one-hour contest! I chose the right direction of the gold price, so the position got into a profit trap. I used Fibonacci retracement level 50%, daily timeframe. I opened the first Buy position with a maximum lot of 50, it was a risky move! The remaining lots were smaller, according to the free margin level as the price moved upward — also risky! I got lucky and reached a constant profit of 1,573. As a result, 98 lots hit the target in the first 30 minutes of the competition. Did I have a desire to dive into the EURUSD market? This time, I decided not to tempt fate and moved away from the terminal. I want to advise novice traders to study the market more thoroughly: read books, follow the news and indicators. Also try to develop your own trading strategy. You can practice on a demo account for six months — you’ll see the results. I wish you all stable percentage from your strategy and success!

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