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    OctaFX Champion demo contest Round 56 became truly Indonesian!

    Round 56 of OctaFX Champion demo contest is over, and our participants are ready to share their trading experience that led them to success. This round became truly Indonesian - all positions have been occupied by participants from Indonesia. Our four luckiest traders can now share $1000 prize fund according to their places:

    • 1st place with the award of 500 USD goes to Mr. Lalu Putra Setia Derajat from Indonesia
    • 2nd place with the award of 300 USD goes to Mr. Iqra Wirya Dinata from Indonesia
    • 3rd place with the award of 100 USD goes to Mr. Marsanto, Sp  from Indonesia
    • The last runner in the contest, Mr. Soehartono from Indonesia is granted 100 USD

    Do you want to know how to keep winning and never give up? Here are a few exciting stories from our champions!

    1st place: Mr. Lalu Putra Setia Derajat from Indonesia


    Rank1 Gain16427.20%

    I am so happy to know that I’ve become the winner of this legendary contest! I can’t believe that this finally happened, because I didn’t trade too much and too often, only when I had some free time. This victory will be a good stimulus to join all contests and promotions held by OctaFX! My key to success is based just on two points - faith and patience. I tried to be very concentrated and went with the market flow, that’s it. The best profit I made was in GBPUSD pair and how lucky I am - no great loss at all! In my opinion, it takes about three months to become a good trader who can earn a consistent profit.

    2nd place: Mr. Iqra Wirya Dinata from Indonesia


    Rank2 Gain7044.22%

    Thanks for having such a great contest! I am very pleased to be involved in the contest, although I did not spend a lot of time while trading. My plan is to do my best in order to achieve better results, so I will definitely participate in other OctaFX contests and promotions. If you ask me about my key elements for successful trading, I will tell you that you have to stay calm and control your emotions. The strategy that helped me was to follow the direction of the MA trend, nothing seems to be more perfect than that! According to my experience, learning as well as practical work take months and years to become a good trader, the time that you have to spend to become an exceptional trader is unlimited, take your chance!

    3rd place: Mr. Marsanto, Sp from Indonesia


    Rank3 Gain5456.80%

    I am very pleased to be among the winners! I would never believe that I could change the capital of 1000 USD to 54000 USD. It was really surprising to me and changed my opinion about Forex trading, now I feel more confident.

    This was the first time I participated in the contest seriously, I was concentrated and focused on, although I felt desperate when my equity plummeted. If you have ever experienced anything like this, you will definitely understand how glad I am now and how my mind changed after this contest. I think I will try to trade on a real account using the prize funds. Of course, I won’t put everything because I also want to use money. I will trade with my Micro OctaFX account.

    What I needed to get profit was to stay confident and follow the market data. I was sure that USDJPY was in the range of 100-105 and trend of GBPUSD was down. But I often could not resist the urge to open buy GBPUSD. However, while trading on a real account I would try to be more certain with my own predictions. I used MACD and speculation and I made a mistake because I didn’t use the plan. XAUUSD was correct in my prediction, but because I was tempted, I set Profit Target irrational. So, it became my primary record to trade on XAUUSD.

    In my opinion, two years seem enough to become a good trader, and don’t forget to be patient and disciplined all the time.

    The last runner in the contest: Mr. Soehartono from Indonesia


    Rank1814 Gain-255.79%

    I’m lucky to be on the list of the winners, but I’m sure that I will improve my results by joining in the Round 57 of OctaFX Champion demo contest and this time I will be ready to become the champion! I spent a lot of time and efforts on trading and I was focused on learning trend graph to open orders. But my strategy failed because I did not put the cut loss.

    I usually trade on OctaFX accounts for approximately one hour at 7 AM, 3 PM and 9 PM.

    This round was the anniversary for me - it was the 10th time I participated in the OctaFX demo contest and I had been in the 4th position two times.

    Shortly about my strategy: Bollinger Bands (BB), moving average, 3 level ZZ semafor and focus on JPY. I've been trading almost for 19 years but I haven’t found a suitable pattern yet, but if you are able to learn with patience and commitment, I think you can become a proficient trader in a year.

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