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RoboForex analytics

Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 19.10.2020 (GOLD, USDCHF)

Peter Jonson /

As long as the dollar is declining, there is now a good chance of buying gold. Thanks for the analysis!

ForexTime analytics

Pound surges as exit polls point to Conservatives majority

Whitney.kors /

Brexit is almost certain now. Its population seems to be onboard too. Hope that you will come back someday or at least that the continent and the UK can have positive relations.

RoboForex analytics

Murrey Math Lines 03.12.2019 (AUDUSD, NZDUSD)

Nikopass /

Aussie is supported by RBA decision, true to form.

BDSwiss analytics

Will Markets Turn Lower on Black Friday?

Cutebaby /

Black Friday strengthens the dollar and it is obvious that gold will lose its impetus.

RoboForex analytics

Forex Technical Analysis 27.11.2019 USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD)

Brandonh /

Aussie is squeezed by RBA rate-cut decision, I think the recent trend wouldn't be changed soon.

ForexTime analytics

Boris Johnson crowned as Britain’s new Prime Minister

Gordon /

Boris Johnson is a flip-flopper who is rippingly prepared both pro and anti EU speeches depending on what would serve him best.

FxPro analytics

US Congress Drafts Libra Killer to Squash Crypto Dream

Johnyeah /

I don’t think Libra is going to knock down sovereign currencies. I don't believe in Libras potential, people actually think it will take over bitcoin. Libra will be a stable coin, and live in a stable full of rubbish.

FxPro analytics

Trump: I’m ‘not a fan’ of cryptocurrencies

Noahbean /

Trump and all his fellows don't like cryptocurrencies, because they don't get them. They made billions on real paper money and just don't want to accept that the future is here!

ForexTime analytics

When bad news become good news

Kendra.cole /

Looking forward to figures on UK GDP and industrial yield expected on Wednesday, I guess they are going to wobble a market a bit.

Alpari analytics

EURUSD: correction after 2 days of growth

jamie /

Market focus is switching from the Fed to the G20 summit. If Donald Trump manages to negotiate with Xi Jinping the chances for the Fed's monetary expansion will lower in July. EUR/USD will fluctuate in the range of 1.11-1.14.

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