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Krisbrown78 blogs

Bank Of Canada Cuts Rate, Loonie Slips

Lo.mukh /

I think the main target is to keep buck low because lot of EM debt is denominated in USD, as well as to ease the plight of debtors. So the alignment of the central banks and the discussions about lower FED rates hint on lower USDCAD pair.

Mikehunt2 blogs

BTC/USD: Bitcoin Stuck in Box, Watching for Exit

Gordon /

Don't worry, guys, it'll all come out right in the end, btc has already sized the moment, it reached already $8,720

Eurozone GDP Data Confirmed: EUR/USD Consolidates

Andrew.trader /

The GDP data it is not the only one shaker for the euro, its drifting around all-time lows.

BTC/USD Forecast. Bitcoin Price Updates 3-Month High

Jim.lovebird /

I'm curious how the bitcoin trend will change during the next week, when will it reverse the course?

Rickcross blogs

EUR/USD: Risk Appetite is Still Flattened

Mikeknowles /

Actually I'm sure that the decreasing trend in the euro/dollar will persist a little longer than all the analyst forecast.

Kelly blogs

4 Terms That Every Investor Should Know

Jim.lovebird /

Very useful article, I like when all the information is presented in a simpler way it brings me hope, that everyone is capable to invest.

Rickcross blogs

The Downward Trend in The Euro Persists

Antony /

I think the euro will slide further, looking forward some news from ECB.

Antony blogs

How to Use Stop-Loss in Cryptocurrency Trading

Joeneil /

Stop-loss is a very popular tool in Forex, but to use it in cryptocurrency can be connected with some technical issues, but you never know, till you will not try.

Ian.linda blogs

Weakest Economies of Year, What to Expect From Central Banks

Chester /

Central Banks are always holding an intrigue and I do not always get the reasons why they change or leave on hold rates of interest.

Player blogs

How to Keep Your Emotions Under Control: 6 Cryptotrader Rules

Fox.nick /

I totally agree, it is really a huge pressure working on financial markets, and especially with cryptocurrencies. The lack of stability creates an overwhelming anxiety, that is why it is highly recommended to work on your emotional stability first.

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