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    Gold edged lower on strong greenback
    Economic News

    Gold edged lower on strong greenback

    On Wednesday gold rates slid lower as the greenback widened on powerful U.S. retail sales figures, while any expectations of a rate of interest trim by the Fed and wide anxiety over ...


    7 Warren Buffett Mistakes Which You Can Avoid

    It is not a secret that it is better to learn wisdom by the follies of others, so today we are going to discuss seven investment lessons from...

    6 commonly-used trading strategies for Forex market

    Forex trading as it may seem at first glance looks like a relatively easy way to make quick profits, but it is not entirely true. The world of...

    How the Blockchain Changes International Trade: 6 Direction

    The blockchain reduces centralization, and corruption though, of course, we have to mention that centralization it is not always a bad idea....

    Facebook Will Bring Cryptocurrencies to a New Level

    Imagine the "stable-coin" integrated into the largest social network with billion audiences by means of which it will be possible to make...

    Beginner’s guide: What to choose for trading?

    Have you pictured a trader’s work? Do you plan to become a king of all the stock or foreign exchange market, or would you prefer a safer...

    Stock indexes as global economy’s state mirror

    What are you doing, when your body temperature rises? Immediately contact a doctor, take a medicine, or still reach for a thermometer to understand...

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    The Choice of Professional Forex Traders

    You’re asking - “why”? We can answer that! GuruTrade offers you a wide range of services, needed to improve your trading skills and put them into practice.

    Due to the high-quality service, as well as simple site navigation, GuruTrade will become the irreplaceable assistant in the field of Foreign Exchange trading.

    Fresh Analytics

    Brokers’ Analytics – Opinions of the Best

    Daily updated analytical reviews of the leading Forex experts will not only let you keep up with all the events on the currency market, but also inspire you with bright and innovative trading ideas.

    We hope that provided brokers' analytical material will help you trade constantly and profitably! 

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    Go with the Times – Brokers’ News

    With the growing popularity of the Foreign Exchange Market, new services, various types of trading technology, and all sorts of promotions and contests appear every single day.

    Thanks to this section of GuruTrade you will not miss even the most minor of the broker companies’ news.


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    Forex Brokers – the Choice is Yours!

    We know that selecting a broker is one of the toughest decisions, as it determines your success.

    Here you can also find a full catalog of the brokerage companies. We have gathered the most important data (precise characteristics, services offered, objective reviews, and even rating); so that you could choose the best.

    Choose Wisely

    Personal Selection of the Forex Account

    Each company offers at least several types of accounts to its customers. Every account type has its own advantages, all you have to do is figure out which one will be the most helpful for you to succeed. 

    Our catalog of Forex accounts, organized with the special filter, will help you compare and pick the one that meets all your expectations and requirements. 

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    Recommendations for Traders and Investors

    Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will definitely find the offered information, written by Forex specialists, quite useful.

    If you are new to this business, we highly recommend reading the FAQ section, not only to learn the site's functions, but also to provide a better understanding of all the Forex market features.

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