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USD/JPY: Yen Appreciates For 3rd Day

The USD/JPY pair has been drifting for third day in a row, repeatedly hitting the resistance level, which turned to be close to the 111.60 line. The price slid on Wednesday downwards...

Bitcoin vs Gold. What to Choose for Investment?

The cost of the yellow metal in 10 days declined by 11 percent, and there is a risk that it will continue the downward trend. According to the chart of the first cryptocurrency, on...

Bank Of Canada Cuts Rate, Loonie Slips

Some experts commented yesterday that if the Bank of Canada were to cut borrowing costs it would follow likely on the back of global incentives due to the virus spread, and less...

BTC/USD: Bitcoin Stuck in Box, Watching for Exit

The bitcoin price reached a monthly low, being too close to a significant support level of $8,500. Such a drop of the main cryptocurrency could be explained by the moves from the...

Pound Bounces Back After Early Rise Amid Inflation Data

The UK’s currency jumped after inflation picked up fueling confidence that the BoE will set interest rates cut apart for the foreseeable future.

Eurozone GDP Data Confirmed: EUR/USD Consolidates

Demand for the U.S. dollar remains relatively high, while one couldn’t say the same about the euro in early Friday’s trading, as investors had concerns over the subdued...

EUR/USD: Risk Appetite is Still Flattened

On Monday morning, February 10, EUR/USD is traded at 1.0955. The euro is slightly correcting but remains at its lowest level since early October last year.

BTC/USD Forecast. Bitcoin Price Updates 3-Month High

The price of bitcoin has updated its 3-month high on Friday, approaching an important psychological mark of 10,000. The bitcoin strengthening has been associated with the upcoming...

4 Terms That Every Investor Should Know

Learning to invest is the best way to start with the basics. This article describes the four most common financial indicators, their meaning, and application.

The Downward Trend in The Euro Persists

At the European markets, the major currencies demonstrate mixed dynamics. Defensive assets (franc, yen, gold) are trading in the red, the rest — marginally higher.

What Is Thin Market and How to Handle It

There are a lot of terms in stock slang, which are quite complicated for a beginner to understand. But you need to continue training in order to become an effective and profitable...

How to Use Stop-Loss in Cryptocurrency Trading

Let's discuss what types of stop-losses exist, how they differ, how to apply them and — most importantly — when.

Weakest Economies of Year, What to Expect From Central Banks

Last year, there was registered a slackening in the global economy growth as well as lack of new ideas to prop it up, but for some the slowdown affected some countries more than others.

How to Keep Your Emotions Under Control: 6 Cryptotrader Rules

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies is often associated with high emotional stress.

How to Become Trader From Scratch?

The trading has been ever a controversial job, as there are a lot of those, who want to try it, but is afraid to lose money, but an idea to become a trader is stronger and stronger.

Stocks Versus Cryptocurrency: Basic Similarities and Differences

From the methods of calculating the value of an asset to the operating time of exchanges and trading commissions: we compare the main aspects of trading on stock and cryptocurrency...

Market Efficiency Theory

The theory of stock market efficiency is a topic that will be useful to both active and passive investors. The speculators, which are using technical analysis in their activities...

10 Signs of a Good Broker

If you have decided to start independent trading on the stock market, then one of the most important decisions you need to make is to choose a broker. You should not take this task...

Ten Rules For Newcomers to The Forex Market

For beginners in trading it is very important to follow the next rules before taking trading seriously:

Commodity Investing: Core Knowledge for Stock Market Trading

Commodities are products, items, goods that are subject to international trade. Such goods include mineral resources (gold, oil, etc.) and agricultural products (rice, wheat, soy,...

5 Reasons Why a Cryptotrader Should Use Trading Bots

Since the end of 2017, the use of cryptocurrency trading bots has been on the rise — more people are discovering digital currency trading, many of them using the appropriate...

China discloses lot of blockchain businesses, yet not all

As Chinese President called for commercial banks to assess the opportunities for wide blockchain network endorsement, China’s manufacture giants were in the first flight,...

Forex Terminology: Understand Your Broker Easily

The Forex world is full of unique characteristics. Language is one of them. To be more precise, this world has its forex terminology. Forex brokers have their terminology that can...

Forex Regulations Worldwide

Trading currencies can be tricky and complicated. The interbank market has altering degrees of regulation, and forex mechanisms are not standard.

10 Rules of Wise Cryptoinvestor

On the background of market volatility, many cryptocurrencies have lost all the funds invested in digital money. Therefore, even if you have capital that can be invested in some...

5 Tips For a Novice Trader

Anyone can earn on the financial markets, but no more than 90% of traders achieve success in the long term. Here are the basic rules that will allow you to make a profit and not to...

Five Blockchain Issues to Keep in Mind

It's hardly worth considering blockchain a cure-all of humanity's diseases. Before using this technology, it is worth considering the surrounding issues.

Stochastic Oscillator and Moving Average: Quick guide

The stochastic oscillator is an indicator of technical analysis, which shows the position of the current price relative to the range of prices for a certain period in the past. It is...

3 Cryptographic Trading Strategies

As in any traditional market, there are a lot of earning opportunities and trading strategies in the crypto market that can be used to try to "game the market".

6 Rules for Beginners in the Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency trading. It brings unbelievable pleasure when prices rise rapidly - and unbelievable despondency when the portfolio loses money.

MACD Indicator: Quick Guide

The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) indicator is a technical indicator created by Gerald Appel and used in technical analysis to assess and predict price fluctuations in...

Key Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Terms You Should Know

Welcome to the universe of technical analysis, an exchanging method that looks to make pricing targets dependent on verifiable price movements and other accessible quantitative data.

Relative Strength Index: Quick Start Guide

A technical indicator is a function based on the values of statistical indicators of trades (prices, trading volume, etc.), the analysis of the behavior of which is designed to...

Main Principles of Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a method of price forecasting based on information about market quotes, volume, and open interest. The main of the three components is the price, the study of...

Markets Wrap: China's yuan, Wall Street's Fall, Oil's Decline

Every week we select five most important events that investors have been watched closely. Take a look how the first full week of August passed

5 Fundamental Factors on Forex

From interest rates to natural disasters - what affects exchange rates.

Six Myths About Trading That Prevent You From Getting Rich

There are a lot of books written about currency trading, many of them contain valuable pieces of advice. However, in this field exist a lot of myths, which both beginners and...

How to Choose an Effective Timeframe

What timeframe is the best for making trade and investment decisions? Today we are going to discuss peculiarities of choosing an effective timeframe and how to build a trading plan...

Automated Trading Systems: Should I Trust Robots My Money?

Everyone involved in trading or investing is familiar with the concept of "automated trading systems". Are "advisors" able to earn money without trader's...

7 Rules of Successful Forex Trading

So, have you decided to try your hand at the Forex market? Then you should keep in mind that risk is inevitable. But these simple rules will help you to succeed.

7 Warren Buffett Mistakes Which You Can Avoid

It is not a secret that it is better to learn wisdom by the follies of others, so today we are going to discuss seven investment lessons from "the Oracle of Omaha" - Warren...

6 commonly-used trading strategies for Forex market

Forex trading as it may seem at first glance looks like a relatively easy way to make quick profits, but it is not entirely true. The world of Forex can be difficult, confusing and...

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