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In this section all beginning and professional traders will find both positive and negative reviews of Forex brokers and dealing centers. We watch and control the equity of reviews and allow to comment all services and trading aspects. All responsibility for the content of forex reviews and comments lays on the authors. We recommend all the beginning traders to study them carefully before opening a trading account.

Forex brokers' reviews

Jamarcus Green
/ Neutral /

The most boring part is over - that's what I thought when I finally decided to trade with FXCC broker, put money in my account and got acquainted with the platform. It was psychologically very difficult to decide on this step. It was very hard to save money and investing it in Forex trading was like throwing it away, everyone around told me that. The reviews of the first experience at the Forex market were almost all the same: do not even try it. But I believed that with a normal approach you can always and everywhere earn, and now, with the lockdowns and closures of businesses, earnings in the market online seemed one of the few available alternatives. I have been trading for about 9 months now. The first two I lost 10-15%. I have learned from my mistakes. Month 3-4 passed under the sign of no loss. And then I was slowly making profit. But the most boring thing was just at the beginning. The system is simple.I have a question, if a friend lives in Australia, will he be able to trade with this broker?

Kevon Stroman
/ Neutral /

To be honest, I probably just read some very good advice on trading. I am just starting to trade here and I think some FXCC reviews can help me in my trading. I think I can take your advice.

/ Positive /

For work I use copy-trading RAMM and made good money with one of the most popular highspeed strategy

Nino B
/ Positive /

If there was a rating here, I would give Forexchief 5 star for being supportive to me for 2 years now. I have made good profit from Forex trading, and this broker has never given me any issue on withdrawing money. All funds go to my account smoothly every time I withdraw. For this I am very grateful I use a good broker. I recommend this one to any trader. Good luck.

/ Positive /

As I used the experiences of others in choosing this broker, I can share my experience of working with this broker with you. At first, I used this broker bonus, which I was able to withdraw, but then I started with a small amount, which attracted my complete confidence, and now I work in this broker with high amounts, and I have complete confidence in this broker.

Luck Korhonen
/ Positive /

The FXCC brokerage helped me increase profits from my trading. I save a lot of money as I don’t pay trading commissions ano more. I also like quite low margin requirements for many assets here.

ProFXtrader Mk
/ Positive /

Withdrawal process is fine money withdrawal is just fine. No problem, support answered my email within an hour. Sometimes it took them more. Have no more comments for now.

Deron Hamill
/ Positive /

I have been already scalping here for more than three months. As a scalper, I’m satisfied with the quality of execution. You know this parameter is very crucial in scalping when you need to quickly open and close a great number of trades. So, I saw with my own eyes that it’s a reliable partner. I mostly trade on timeframes M5-M15 as a scalper. I use Bollinger Bands and Stochastic. As for Bollinger Bands, I leave its default settings intact, while Stochastic constant adjustment. You know this indicator is particularly good for the flat market. All you need to do is to calculate an approximate number of candlesticks from one price level to another the price passes in the flat market. You don’t need precisely calculate those candlesticks. Just use a tool cross cursor in MT. Draw a measuring line from the lower level to the upper or vice versa and you will see an approximate number of candlesticks. Enter this number to K% of Stochastic. As a result, it will precisely work on the chosen timeframe. However, once the price leaves that range, you will have another distance and input it to Stochastic once again.

Torres S
/ Positive /

The Forex market has become very competitive, especially after the coronavirus pandemic. It was hard for me to find a good broker, because there were so many brokers to choose from. Forexchief is usually mentioned in my group, so I decided to go with it. I am happy I did. Everything has worked out well so far. Trades and transactions are always smooth.

/ Positive /

Registration was easy but had some issues with my international transactions due to my bank anti money laundering laws. Forexchief was always following up the situation and helped me anyway they could. Thankfully all is good now. Also, the EAs I thought would not make money with other brokers were making money with Forexchief. Their spread and fees are very competitive with the best brokers in the industry.

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