Get pay back up to 50% of spread

Becoming our client, you will discover an additional type of earnings - quickly, simply and absolutely free!

Join now the rebate service

How to join the service? Information for brokers

In addition, you get exclusive offers from RoboForex!
Up to 50% drawdown tradable bonus

Reduces your risks, allows drawdown by bonus means and increases your trading volume opportunities.

Up to 20% annually on available funds

The excellent method to avoid inflation or currency rates fluctuations!

From 5 to 15% returns per lot!

Great opportunity to reduce spread even more on all account types. A perfect combination with the GuruTrade rebate service.

Only for our clients

10 dollars on your trading account for a great trading!

    Bonus fund of our program — 1 000 000$
    You can add as many accounts as you wish
    Daily charge of Rebate
    The $10 award will be charged on every verified account for each $100 profit, which can be withdrawn immediately after charge














  • Total prizes remaining: 99999
  • Total days remaining: 9999

How to start?

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    Sign up for GuruTrade - it is absolutely free

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    Open the account via the affiliate reference GuruTrade at the broker RoboForex - the first participant of the GuruTrade rebate service

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    Add the account to the list of your accounts in the GuruTrade Live account

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    Trade on the account and get a rebate for each transaction

How does it work?

  1. You open the trading account via the GuruTrade site at the broker RoboForex - the first participant of rebate service on our portal.
  2. After you open the account and start to trade, the brokerage company charges us the affiliate assignments for each transaction made by you.
  3. Thereafter, we share with you the biggest part of our profit, paying a rebate for each carried-out transaction as a gratitude for registration via our site. The spread and trading conditions remain the same as if you had opened an account directly at the broker. The unique difference is that you receive extra charges per transaction on the account.

Opening the account at the broker via GuruTrade, you make your trading more profitable without excess risks and costs.


Join now the rebate service

Advantages of our Rebate Service

  1. receive-cash
    You reduce your trading costs due to return of spread"s part
  2. today
    Recalculation and deposit of rebate is complete daily in the GuruTrade Live account
  3. data-recovery
    Possibility to connect any number of accounts
  • Charged rebate can be deposited on the trading account balance
  • You get an opportunity to collaborate with the most reliable brokers
  • Rebates are paid back no matter you win or lose on a trade
  • Get additional profit without risks
  • Free connection to the Service at any time

More opportunities

  • Get starting Welcome Bonus 50 USD from RoboForex according to the GuruTrade affiliate program

    Only for our clients

  • Receive from RoboForex the Tradable bonus of 30% depositing up to $300 and 50% over $300 depositing

    Only for our clients

  • Copy signals of successful traders, choosing the trader in the section of signals CopyFx

    Choose your trader Learn more

  • Fulfill trading conditions of the RoboForex broker and receive up to 20% for available funds

Join Now the Rebate Service

Accounts and Rebates RoboForex

Spread, USD Rebates, USD Spread, USD Rebates, USD Spread, USD Rebates, USD Spread, USD Rebates, USD Spread, USD Rebates, USD Spread, USD Rebates, USD Spread, USD Rebates, USD
Prime 3.43 0.95 3.43 0.95 3 1.08 3 1.08 3 1.08 3.78 0.95 2.44 0.61
ProCent 13 5.2 13 5.2 14.12 5.64 15.95 6.37 11.43 4.57 40 19.2 8 3.2
Pro 13 5.2 13 5.2 14.12 5.64 15.95 6.37 11.43 4.57 40 19.2 8 3.2
ECN 4.57 1,8 5.23 2,4 4 1,6 4 1,6 4 1,6 3.25 1.44 5.03 2,03
Pro Affiliate 20.7 8.28 19.12 7.64 19.58 7.83 22.95 9.18 16.63 6.65 65.72 26.28 14.07 5.62
ECN Affiliate 13.07 5.22 15.69 6.27 12 4.8 12 4.8 12 4.8 9.76 3.9 15.1 6.04

Rebate service from GuruTrade is a unique opportunity to increase the profitability of trading without additional risks and costs.

Modern trading expands possibilities of traders and opens all new opportunities to increase the profitability and quality of trading. Rebate service from GuruTrade is a fine method to return the spread and commission — quickly, safely and absolutely free of charge.

Having opened the account at the broker via our website, the broker company pays us a part of a spread or the commission from each your transaction as compensation for the attracted client. After that, we return you up to 50% of spread, as gratitude for the use of our service. The spread and trading conditions remain the same as though you have opened the account directly at the broker. The unique distinction consists in that you, being our client earn additional resources from each lot, doing your trading more profitable, than cooperating directly with the broker.

Irrespective of trading strategy, experience and qualification each trader can take part in the Forex rebate service absolutely free of charge.

Trading in the Forex market you get profit only from successful transactions, and by means of service of return of spread, you will earn from each lot, irrespective of a transaction outcome.

Choose a modern and profitable trading — choose GuruTrade.

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