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Eric.milner ideas

Pound will repeat rally after euro?

Samantha Sam /

In the near future pound will depend on Brexit-related news as policy changes from the BoE are not seen. The further rise is possible.

Miles ideas

GBPJPY: Breakout

Dorian /

Yeah, it'll be a perfect chance to earn some pips but we should be very attentive.

Mr Frank
Mr Frank ideas

USDCAD - Special boxes


I also think that it was a nice opportunity and it brought me some pips.

EUR/USD: Showing upside Potential

Mira /

Apparently, the pair is going to continue its upward movement... What do you think?

Black77777 ideas

The Bank of England doesn't exclude the possibility of an interest-rate increase.

Reeo /

Great time to earn. Unfortunately my broker let me down and I couldn't get as much as I planned.

EUR/JPY: Short-Term Growth

terray /

Mario Draghi's speech is a part of it...

Black77777 ideas

EUR/USD has shown growth

serkis /

Looks like the euro is going to get down, at least to 1.1150. Will see on Monday.

Black77777 ideas

The US dollar rose moderately

Jose /

bad news for me if you're right. i hope it was just a market correction.

W.warr2018 ideas

British pound: after UK election

W.warr2018 /

I'm so sorry. I made a mistake with the pair. I meant GBP/JPY.

A sharp decline for the euro

Guilhermesew /

there is a strong support level on 1.1280... i think we will soon see the euro fall

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