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Sstaon ideas


Joker-ser77 /

As we can see it was a good signal :) I've made a little money.

Alfa-Forex accounts


Joker-ser77 /

I tried it once. That's interesting but I prefer to trade by myself.

Alfa-Forex accounts

MetaTrader 4

Joker-ser77 /

I have an mt4 account as well but I have an opposite view. I've been trading here since 2015 and Alfa-Forex has never disappointed me.

Short Term

BO trader /

I love short-term trading but the account is awful. Empire Option has low quality execution.


BO trader /

Short-term trading is the most comfortable for me. As I told TradeSmarter is a very good and understandable trading platform and every order executed very fast. And of course I like the high profitability percentage)

24option accounts


Tanas /

Trading execution is pretty good. I've never used any other 24option account because of the obvious advantages over the other accounts such as profitability percentage and the number of trading instruments.

New Bonus +10% from NewForex for reviews

Spartan /

I wrote it and got a bonus... But it's not true. I didn't know that then. Don't believe them. This is a pure scam.

NewForex accounts

MT4 First Stream

Spartan /

NewForex is regulated forex broker but I don't know why they have such awful execution.

RoboForex analytics

Murrey Math Lines 24.02.2017 (EUR/USD, AUD/USD)


I agree that on the h1 chart we can see that the trend formed bullish cross, but it's not enough for taking profit.

Basil blogs

Three Useful Indicators for Beginners

Ervin Carr /

It's very important using indicators in the trading process, especially for beginners 'cause it's really helpful thing.

economic news

Review: Oil is trading lower

Perry N /

In my opinion, we should continue to see further and take into consideration the technical factors.

Binex Ltd
Binex Ltd accounts

Binary options

Patriot /

Actually I think every account in Binex is good enough but this one has the largest number of trading assets. So this is the reason why I've chosen it )

xDirect accounts



At the moment I'm not a beginner and have some experience in bo trading. This is the only one account in xDirect but it has high quality execution, a comfortable expiration period and high enough profit persentage.

DeltaStock accounts

MetaTrader 4

Marina.taylor /

Good account with low minimum deposit and a lot of trading pairs. MetaTrader4 is more understandable and comfortable trading platform than Delta Trading. I like it!

Alpari analytics

Dollar rises above ¥113.50 in Tokyo trading (news: 21/02/17)

Reginald /

I believe in U.S dollar and I'll hope that this currency will rise.

Stock Basics. Introduction

Orson /

I like stock market and for me it's easier and I have profit.

economic news

Oil slips but near to multi-week highs

Joshua /

So, it's a really strange situation on the oil market 'cause OPEC tries to resolve the hard situation with the oil inventory but it's very hard if someone doesn't want to help.

Monthly competition “100 dollar deposit”

Jogardner /

Can I still take part in your campaign? Maybe it's not too late...

FXOpen accounts


Fellin /

STP account is one of the most reliable account in my experience. Only there I forget about such problem as slippages and terminal freezing. Order execution is very fast.

FXOpen accounts


Fellin /

I have three micro account in FXOpen and I've never have any problem with them. For the moment I use them just to test new strategies.