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OptionFair accounts


Bashir /

This is the best account for beginners like me.

FXTM Presents the Market Forecast for 2017 (Q1)

Doiloo.461 /

ForexTime forecasts are always helpful!

ForexTime accounts


Doiloo.461 /

The ECN account is close to perfect! Wide range of trading instruments, perfect order execution, allowed scalping and EA, low spreads and commissions. Check it out!


Jerami /

Actually my favourite expiration period is 30 minutes but FreshOptions has a very comfortable trading platform and that's why I decided to try a new strategy here. The execution is perfect!

In Range

Jerami /

30 minutes expiration period is the most suitable. Unfortunately the 30 minutes accounts have just 8 trading instruments. I hope that the company will add a few.

LiteForex accounts


Tukabay /

I can't open orders lots of times. I'm not happy with it.

MaxFX accounts


goblin /

It's the best account for scalping.

ThinkForex accounts


3johan /

The main reason why I chose this account are low spreads. I'm a scalper and this is important to me.

EZTrader accounts

Long Term

Rufus.45 /

Long term trading is the best way to make money as for me. I don't have much spare time and the long term account affords me to earn with minimum consumption of time.

FXCM accounts


SQ /

On this account I was finally able to relax and just earn.

Saxo Bank
Saxo Bank accounts


Optimist /

I am fully satisfied with the classic account. It's exactly what I was expecting.

One Touch

Tafor /

This is the best account for me. I don't have a lot of time to trade so the expiration period is the most comfortable. Except this I like the additional functions such as double up and compensations.

Forex4you accounts


joss oll /

I don't recommend it to you since it has many problems with execution.

NO1options accounts

Long Term

Lawler /

There's everything for profitable trading. A good profit percentage, compensations, an ability to trade everywhere with mobile service and a lot of trading instruments.


Thora /

Minimum deposit is too big.

X Leverage

Thora /

Oh! Pit Madison, what do you mean, "it's working really bad"? It is one of the best trading platform I've ever seen and it's perfect everywhere!

Alpari accounts


hefer /

I've chosen this one. All accounts are good but 1 hour trading period is the most comfortable, at least for now.


Fantom_ye /

I'm going to open MarketPrime. Besides, the minimum deposit is reduced to 50%.

MultiBank PRO

Jim /

MultiBank PRO provides one of the most favorable spreads for customers. Best execution and fast withdrawal. But, as I have already said, I would like to see more trading instruments.

HiWayFX accounts

Standard NDD

Mageska /

I loved this account and earned some money here in my time... unfortunately this time is over.