Chart of price change EUR/AUD

The currency pair EURAUD reflect the relation of European currency against the Australian dollar. In this couple, the euro represents base currency and the Australian dollar - quoted, therefore the price of the tool shows how many Australian dollars cost 1 euro at the moment. EURAUD refer to the so-called cross-rates, having among traders rather weak popularity because of quiet volatility and low liquidity.


EURAUD, H4 Forecast

After growth, the correction in the pair is the most likely. I'm going to open a short position from the level of 1.4438.

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EURAUD, H4 Forecast

Нисходящий тренд по EURAUD дошел к сильной поддержке, уровень которой тестируется уже несколько раз подряд. При пробитии этой области дальнейшее снижение будет сильным. Рассматриваю продажи с целью 1.4015

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Den 75 24
EURAUD, H4 Forecast

The breakout of the local minimum of EUR/AUD will open the way to 1.40346. All attention on the support.

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EURAUD: рост к 1.4755
EURAUD, M30 Forecast

Сегодня, валютной паре EURAUD удалось сформировать восходящую разворотную волну. На данный момент цена актива торгуется выше простой скользящей средней МА9, потенциал к продолжению тренда сохраняется. Сигналом для покупки станет пробой локального уровня сопротивления 1.4705. Ценой открытия в данном случае станет отметка 1.4710. Buy stop: 1.4710 Stop loss: 1.4667 Take profit: 1.4755

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Bull and Bear setup EURAUD
EURAUD, H1 Forecast

Long entry 1.4520/Stop 1.4470/Target 1.4690 Short entry 1.4700/Stop 1.4760/Target 1.4145

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Дамир 3005 670
EURAUD, D3 Buy Profit: 359.3 pips RoR: 16%


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eur aud buy signal
EURAUD, H4 Buy Profit: -200 pips RoR: -96%

eur aud buy signal

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EURAUD: Потенциал пары
EURAUD, D1 Forecast

Очевидно, что евро начнёт восстановление даже раньше, чем ожидалось. Рыночное настроения в данный момент является бычьим.

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euraud buy signal
EURAUD, H1 Buy Profit: -50 pips RoR: -95%

insidbar at the support-buy signal

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EURAUD - Sell Set up
EURAUD, H4 Sell Profit: -203.2 pips RoR: -98%

Last trade got stopped out. here's another attempt.

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EURAUD, H1 Sell Profit: -94.7 pips RoR: -97%

Trade triggered!!

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EURAUD - Short From 1.5175
EURAUD, H1 Forecast

Hidden bearish divergence and the current rally in EURAUD is not justified. Expect reversal near 1.5175 - 1.518 region, which marks the previous low support, which will now be tested for resistance. Targeting 1.475, long term. Book partial profits at 1.50, 1.49, 1.48

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kit 36 7
EURAUD: Maybe bullish?
EURAUD, D1 Forecast

I suppose that here we have the possible long with further mergers, because of the uptrend bounce.

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EURAUD, H4 Forecast

You can see on the chart that the past support turns to resistance. The pair EURAUD looking to test 1.455 on break of 1.474.

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Дамир 3005 670
EURAUD, D1 Buy Profit: -130 pips RoR: -99%


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EURAUD Long, second attempt
EURAUD, H4 Buy Profit: -75.2 pips RoR: -97%

Previous trade got stopped out, but the divergence is there. Expecting a test to 1.568

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EURAUD - Buy the Divergence
EURAUD, H4 Buy Profit: -75.3 pips RoR: -93%

Expecting to see a strong correction to 1.58

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EURAUD, D1 Forecast

I just try to show you that the break below the support/ resistance line could be the beginning of a dominant push lower in the pair as low as 1.38 over the medium term.

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Long EURAUD (Counter trend)
EURAUD, H4 Buy Profit: -55.6 pips RoR: -89%

Potential IHS forming. 1.57485 is key, targeting 1.58624 region.

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EURAUD - Confluence of divergences
EURAUD, H4 Forecast

EURAUD is generally a great pair when it comes to trading with divergence and the current set up offers 2 potential trade opportunities. A long position from 1.56765 targeting 1.5862 and a short position from 1.5862 targeting the recent lows at 1.56 and below.

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EURAUD, H4 Forecast

Stops below X and AB=CD completes lower but it will depend on the type of trader.

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EURAUD is a couple uniting two currencies far from each other as in the geographical, so in the economic perspective. Europe’s common currency EUR is provided by 19 states of the eurozone from more than 325 million inhabitants. The economy of the eurozone countries is based on the industry and different types of services.

The Australian dollar (AUD) covers the Australian union with Christmas Island, Norfolk Island and the Cocos Islands, and also the independent states of Kiribati, Nauru and Tuvalu. The basis of the Australian economy is constituted by products of the agricultural sector (generally - livestock sector) and export of various natural resources.