Chart of price change BTC/USD

Currency pair BTCUSD represents the relation of bitcoin against the U.S. dollar. The BTCUSD pair is highly regarded among currency traders due to its high liquidity and volatility. This pair is practically not subject to the influence of fundamental factors, in particular, the publication of economic data. Dynamics of the BTCUSD pair depends on cryptocurrency news, state regulation and the actions of large investment funds operating in the cryptocurrency market.

Economic news

Bitcoin higher, but continues to fluctuate in usual range
Bitcoin higher, but continues to fluctuate in usual range

Bitcoin prices fluctuated in the early trading in a small range, continuing the usual course of the week, which is characteristic for the popular c...

Bitcoin price hovers near 3-week high above $3,600
Bitcoin price hovers near 3-week high above $3,600

Bitcoin was traded to a small extent lower on Monday in comparison with weekend value, because it hit a speed bump after a strong rally on Friday.

Bitcoin abides by 3,400 border on Tuesday
Bitcoin abides by 3,400 border on Tuesday

Bitcoin prices approximately firm, but still don’t inch the $3,500 border on Tuesday. Only bitcoin in early trading edged the value of $3,449...

Bitcoin plunges to 6-week weak point
Bitcoin plunges to 6-week weak point

Bitcoin prices are inching down on Monday, extending declines that saw the world's most popular digital currency trade at its weakest mark in m...

Cryptos slightly lower, all eyes on Ethereum hard fork
Cryptos slightly lower, all eyes on Ethereum hard fork

The world's most popular cryptocurrencies edged down on Tuesday, reversing some gains built on Monday.

Bitcoin falls 5 p.c. as broadly selling returns
Bitcoin falls 5 p.c. as broadly selling returns

Digital currencies edged steeply down on Thursday, with some major coins logging huge declines.

Cryptocurrencies extend muted start to 2019
Cryptocurrencies extend muted start to 2019

Digital currencies prices are trading almost steady on Tuesday, continuing their muted start to 2019 for crypto assets.

Bitcoin inches lower on marketwide selloff
Bitcoin inches lower on marketwide selloff

Bitcoin dipped on Tuesday, extending overnight declines and driving the world's most popular cryptocurrency towards a fresh multimonth weak point.

Brokers' Analytics

Bitcoin: on track to our target

We’re keeping an eye on bitcoin once again this week. We analysed the top cryptocurrency a week ago, and unsurprisingly, we were right! At the time of writing my previous piece...

Daily analytical report (07/12/18)

Bitcoin is going lower again. Not that it wasn't expected, as we've been seeing this for the past few months. The current drop is caused by the breakout of the lower line of ...

Pound dumped and Trumped, Bitcoin sinks deeper into abyss

The battered Pound was attacked from all angles by investors on Tuesday after President Donald Trump criticized Theresa May’s Brexit deal.According to Trump, the current agreem...

Bitcoin: don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Bitcoin was last mentioned here on the 29th of October. Back then, we were locked in a sideways trend and said that a breakout of a certain support should bring us a sell signal. You...

Sterling shows signs of life; Bitcoin crashes!

Sterling came back to life on Wednesday after Theresa May won cabinet support for her Brexit deal. GBPUSD rallied more 170 pips on the news, but gave up some of the initial gains to ...

Bitcoin staying put for now

Today, we have a kind of funeral here as we analyse an instrument that unfortunately seems to have died about two weeks ago: bitcoin. On the 15th of October, we had a huge rise (whic...

Take-off for bitcoin

Last week and this Monday, we’ve have many potential headliners for financial markets. Which should be the main one? Decline on stocks? Rise on gold? Or maybe it should be toda...

Bitcoin increases dominance, but cannot grow in price

Cryptomarket starts the week in the red zone: Bitcoin (BTC) has lost 3% for the last 24 hours and is trading around $6.300, the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) had falle...

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BTCUSD currency pair

BTCUSD currency pair is a completely new asset class, known as cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, Bitcoin – is the world's most popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin trading runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Many forex brokers also offer their customers bitcoins as one of their assets.

One of the main characteristics of cryptocurrency trading instruments is high volatility. Bitcoin could be subject to potential swings in price due to the government regulation and latest news. BTCUSD currency pair is suitable for those traders who want to keep a diversified portfolio and have a good understanding of the investment risks.

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