Chart of price change EUR/GBP

The currency pair EURGBP consists of two rather popular in the Forex market currencies - euro and the British pound. In this couple, the euro represents the base currency and it is bought for the British pounds. The rate of the pound is subject to the influence of an interest rate of the Bank of England, energy costs and sales volume which are especially connected with the USA. The euro exchange rate is influenced by the important political and economic events occurring in the Eurozone countries.


EUR/GBP флет
EURGBP, H4 Forecast

Вверху рост пары неоднократно сдерживала ЕМА , ожидаю выход из флэтового диапазона вниз с целью 0.8730.

0 205
EUR/GBP continues to grow
EURGBP, H1 Forecast

As we can see on the chart, the pair was able to break above 0.8548 level last week. The volumes were high enough and that's why I'd consider buying. Next target is on the resistance level of 0.8655.

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EUR/GBP has formed a channel
EURGBP, H1 Forecast

EUR/GBP has formed a channel and is testing the strong support on the 0.8425. The MACD indicates a reversal from this level and the first target is on the support level of 0.8483 within the channel.

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scott 23 6
EURGBP: Butterfly pattern
EURGBP, H1 Forecast

On the chart we have a butterfly pattern.

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Rex 1 3
Канал по EURGBP
EURGBP, H1 Forecast

Пара торгуется в канале. Рекомендую сделки на покупку со стопами ниже линии канала.

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EURGBP, H1 Forecast

Цена находится в восходящем канале. Осциллятор MACD- находится выше нулевой отметки и поддерживает покупки.

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EURGBP, H4 Forecast

Фигура голова / плечи почти сформирована. Значительная поддержка, которую необходимо преодолеть, чтобы подтвердить вершину 0.83600

0 209
Black 149 65
EURGBP, H4 Forecast

My forecast in a downward direction. The support level is 0.83846. The resistance level is 0.84691.

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EURGBP: рост от уровня сопротивления 0.87500
EURGBP, M30 Forecast

Снижение позиций британского фунта поспособствовало росту котировок EURGBP вплоть к 3-летним максимумам. При пробитии уровня сопротивления 0.87500 можно открывать «длинные» позиции. О продолжении восходящего движения сигнализирует индикатор АО, пробив нулевую отметку снизу-вверх и изменив цвет с красного на зеленый. Индикатор Аллигатор находится ниже линии цены, что также свидетельствует об продолжении роста котировок. Спецификация торговой идеи: Buy-stop: 0.87500 Take-profit: 0.882 Stop-loss: 0.87150

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Технические факторы роста EURGBP
EURGBP, M30 Forecast

Buy stop: 0.86347 Stop loss: 0.86132 Take profit: 0.86785 На 30 минутном тайм фрейме валютная пара EURGBP пробила линии сопротивления и фрактальную зону. Рост котировок выше линий Alligator сигнализирует о дальнейшем росте валютной пары. Индикатор АО перешел в положительную зону (выше линии баланса) и сформировал технический сигнал на покупку.

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Rico 3 1
Bearish EURGBP
EURGBP, H1 Forecast

MACD is in the negative territory showing the bearish trend in the pair. RSI is in its selling zone indicating the upcoming negative trend in the pair.

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Дамир 3005 670
EURGBP, H4 Buy Profit: -22.2 pips RoR: -15%


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EURGBP: Head and shoulders pattern
EURGBP, D1 Forecast

On the chart we have a reversed head and shoulders pattern at a key level.

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Trofim 46 10
EURGBP: Понижение
EURGBP, H4 Forecast

Сегодня торговля по данному инструменту внутри дня рассматривается на понижение.

0 216
EURGBP, W1 Forecast

According to this chart we have a great opportunity to sell.

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Brady 25 5
EURGBP, H4 Forecast

The trading instrument fell during the session on Monday.

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Peter 20 4
EURGBP: Shark bearish
EURGBP, H1 Forecast

We have two price levels orders for short entry, 0.78678 and 0.78785.

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EURGBP Head and Shoulders formation
EURGBP, H4 Forecast

Looking forward EURGBP Head and Shoulders formation. Great possibilities are coming.

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EURGBP: Uptrend in progress
EURGBP, D1 Forecast

We can see a nice uptrend on the daily chart. This is a good opportunity for opening short positions.

0 188
Nick 13 8
EURGBP: Short potential directions
EURGBP, H4 Forecast

I've tried to illustrate on the chart the short potential opportunity for the pair.

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EURGBP: Rising channel
EURGBP, D1 Forecast

On the daily chart we have a great example of classic channel in an uptrend.

0 187

The currency pair EURGBP enjoy special popularity in Western Europe. It is caused by the presence in it of two currencies of the Old World possessing high liquidity and Forex activity. The increased trading activity on this tool is observed in working hours of European Union member countries.

It should be noted that EURGBP possesses low predictability as the tool possesses a rather strong level of “noise” with a broad range of accidental fluctuations. For these reasons at the initial stage of work in the Forex market isn't recommended to use this currency pair for trading.