Chart of price change USD/SGD

Currency pair USDSGD is a popular pair in the Forex market and belongs to exotic currency pairs. As an underlying asset of the trading instrument acts the American dollar and quoted — Singapore dollar. USDSGD pair differs in rather a quiet rate movement. The Singapore dollar is considered stable currency in the region, and around the world. The economy of Singapore differs in a low rate of inflation that makes USDSGD pair more attractive to traders.

Marenno 2902 653
mid term long entry
USDSGD, W1 Buy Profit: 42.3 pips RoR: 0%

1.36 - target

0 10
USDSGD. Bullish outlook
USDSGD, H4 Buy Profit: 90.8 pips RoR: 73%


0 7
Sideway Zone
USDSGD, H4 Forecast

Hari ini saya mencoba membuat analisa pasar untuk USDSGD. SGD ialah Singapore Dollar yang merupakan negara tetangga Indonesia. Seperti yang kita lihat diatas saat ini USDSGD sedang berada di channel bullish dan membentuk zona konsolidasi (area orange) yang artinya bisa saja terjadi pergantian tren karena kecenderungan harga selalu memiliki pola sideway-trending secara bergantian.Melihat konsolidasi seperti ini maka hal terbaik ialah wait and see terlebih dahulu.

0 95
buy usd/sgd
USDSGD, H1 Buy Profit: -10 pips RoR: -91%

uptrend will be there with todsays us news releases

0 1
sell usd/sgd
USDSGD, H4 Sell Profit: -10 pips RoR: -81%

sell usd/sgd as i am expecting initial jobless calims for us negtaive which goes bearish

0 6
USDSGD, SELL, +33 Pips
USDSGD, H1 Forecast


0 4

Thanks to positively developed economies of the USA and Singapore, the currency pair of USDSGD is rather popular among exotic couples. Singapore treats the category of the advanced countries and the reason is the geographical position of the country.

Staing on the crossing of large sea lanes allows Singapore to do the adjusted business with all largest countries of the world. The national currency of Singapore is very perspective as the country is completely provided with gold allowances and inflation in it is one of the lowest in the world. The favorable impact of these factors on a rate of Singapore dollar provides its stability, which involves many traders in choosing of this trading instrument.

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