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In this section all beginning and professional traders will find both positive and negative reviews of Forex brokers and dealing centers. We watch and control the equity of reviews and allow to comment all services and trading aspects. All responsibility for the content of forex reviews and comments lays on the authors. We recommend all the beginning traders to study them carefully before opening a trading account.

The most recent reviews

/ Negative /
25 April 2017, 20:54

I understand why the company has such a low rating. I've got an account but I suffer a lot of requotes and poorly working customer support. I think I need to run away from them.

/ Neutral /
25 April 2017, 20:37

Can I take part in your beauty contest if I'm from Poland? I don't have an account yet.

/ Positive /
25 April 2017, 18:25

I didn't hear about this broker and read about it on this site and I've decided to open an account and do you know what? It's a really good broker with excellent trading conditions. Especially, I like their trading platform.

/ Negative /
24 April 2017, 22:49

Why the support didn't reply to my message yet? I sent a question via e-mail a week ago!!

/ Positive /
24 April 2017, 20:37

I was trading options in InstaForex for many years before I tried Marketpunter and I was quite surprised by everything. It's much more comfortable! The Pro trading platform is a real find!

/ Positive /
23 April 2017, 23:01

Hi! Yeah, I think it's good. I have an MT4.Direct FX account and I'm completely happy. Trading execution is fast and clear, much better than I thought it would be at first. I've already withdrawn about 2000$, and each withdrawal usually takes not more than 2 days. I think it's worth a try.

/ Neutral /
22 April 2017, 17:59

Hi, how's your experience with this broker ? Do you trade there ? Any problems withdrawing profit ? Thank you

Pancho Chucha
/ Neutral /
21 April 2017, 18:23

It's a good average broker, nothing more. Even though I liked the trading conditions and the feature with the fixed spread, and I didn't even use to know what that is) But it still seems to me this broker is lacking something in order to somehow distinguish it from others, although maybe they don't want to be distinguished, maybe good quality work is their thing, who knows..)

/ Neutral /
21 April 2017, 09:27

Regular broker, does it's duties written out in regulations, no more no less! Withdrawal happens faster though than it's described on the site. Other than that - it's easy to work with the broker.

/ Positive /
20 April 2017, 20:45

I'm so excited about the company's trading platform! TechFinancials is userfriendly and looks very cool and professional. The platform has everything from trading charts to economic calendar and promotions. I find that inspiring :) I've been trading here about 4 month and I have no complaint whatsoever.

/ Positive /
20 April 2017, 00:52

I've start to trade in Option Rally as a trader but now I decided to try the referral program. Option Rally offers favorable IB's program and it's a really good chance to earn extra money. I've got my own expirience in the company and I can share it with my clients.

/ Negative /
20 April 2017, 00:05

Last year as a new trader I was fooled by good reviews and open an account in FreshForex. Rude support is one of the biggest problem in my opinion. Classic account has a lot of reqoutes, average spreads, nothing out of the ordinary. I expected better from such popular forex broker.

/ Positive /
19 April 2017, 12:07

Last year I have been working with FxPro cTrader. Used to trade on Mt4 and Mt5 in the past. I enjoy ctrader, as it’s very fast, there are a lot of modern tools and possibilities for my trading strategy. And there are no requotes. Really satisfied with FxPro. Very good and trustworthy broker. The disadvantages are insignificant and they do not bother me much. Can recommend everybody to try.

/ Positive /
19 April 2017, 00:18

I feel safer because of the uk regulation. I can just concentrate on trading the markets and not worry about I can't get my money back.

/ Negative /
18 April 2017, 21:16

It was really hard to open any order today, there were so many requotes! I'm your old client and for the last two weeks order execution became much worse.

/ Positive /
18 April 2017, 18:05

First of all, uTrader is a regulated option broker and I like how this broker provides his services for customers. I have all that I need for profitable options trading.

/ Positive /
18 April 2017, 11:30

I opened an account a couple years ago, but don't trade very often here, only when I feel I'm missing forex, then I might pop in. Years later, the broker hasn't gone downhill and provides normal access to the market, good trading conditions and all is good with withdrawal, too bad forex isn't quite my thing, I'd have traded here more often.

/ Positive /
17 April 2017, 23:06

You judge the company by the past. I've been trading with TenkoFX since last spring 2016 and I've never had any problem with funds withdrawing.

/ Positive /
17 April 2017, 22:00

I was looking for a reliable binary options broker and I think I finally found it. You can start trading with just 200$. By the way there is a very comfortable and understandable trading platform and a huge amount of trading assets. The uTrader mobile app is my favourite part, it helps me to make money everytime and everywhere. I love it!

/ Negative /
17 April 2017, 19:01

I had a bad experience with tenkofx a year ago. Everything was great with conditions and orders execution as well but when I decided to withdraw my first profit I was very disappointed when I was faced with withdrawal delay. Well, that's not acceptable to me.