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/ Positive /
23 October 2016, 01:27

An the beginning I made a deposit just 9 hundred dollars. But I got my first profit at the same day with an application for withdrawal. I guess I can trust adamant finance with bigger deposit.

/ Positive /
22 October 2016, 22:30

Well, I have no complaints about the company. I've been trading here for 6 month. Very good trading signals. It's a nice place to trade.

/ Positive /
22 October 2016, 03:06

WinOptions has attracted me for its bonus, as a result I've been trading in the company more than a year. I'd recommend it to everyone who wants a broker with high quality service.

/ Positive /
22 October 2016, 01:27

FXOpen is a very old company. I've been trading here for more than 7 years. And for so many years I've never had at least one problem. I like everything, especially trading conditions, in my opinion it's one of the best on the market.

/ Positive /
21 October 2016, 16:32

I was surprised when start trading with accent. I prefeare trading on news and i like that they approve any kinds of trading strategies.

/ Positive /
20 October 2016, 16:36

What are you talking about? Everything's all right! A couple of weeks ago I got a 50% forex bonus here...

/ Neutral /
20 October 2016, 16:31

Does anyone know if this company still operate? Because all information was updated long time ago. Some pages are processed with errors ... It looks like they're not active.

/ Positive /
19 October 2016, 21:13

I'm very pleased by BeeOptions analytic materials! It's perfect for traders! And it's not enough! The company has fast funds withdrawal and one of the most adequate and professional support team, they're always on line even on weekend.

/ Positive /
18 October 2016, 21:11

Binary Nord FX offers excellent trading conditions, a huge variety of options and a comfortable platform. I'm trading here by myself and recommend it for everyone!

/ Negative /
18 October 2016, 19:03

Pure scammers! I've been waiting my money for six month and still don't get it back! It has started when I decided to withdraw my deposit with earned profit because of bad trading conditions. A manager from the support was calling me a lot of times and asked why I decided to make a withdrawal and tried to dissuade me in every way to do it. When they realized that I was resolute began to ignore all my letters. I've lost all hope to get my money back! Avoid at all costs!

/ Positive /
16 October 2016, 23:37

I've been trading in for more than one year. To my way of thinking, the company has very good and interesting webinars, a high quality service and professional support.

/ Positive /
16 October 2016, 17:17

I like that in Migesco there are a lot of educational materials and you shouldn't be searching it somewhere on the Internet. Analytics is also good and useful. Funds withdrawal is always on time.

/ Negative /
16 October 2016, 14:25

Widening spreads is a common situation in Alfa-Forex. You should find another company if you care about your money.

/ Negative /
16 October 2016, 02:35

I've fulfilled all the requirements but still can't get a welcome bonus! The verification is very strange... I should receive a sms according to mobile verification but I don't! I'm still want to get it but first impression is bad.

/ Neutral /
16 October 2016, 00:52

I decided to make a withdrawal (via wire transfer) and got the money after two days. In my experience it's not bad as for wire transfers. I would like to note the company's PAMM service it's really promising and interesting. Unfortunately there are not a lot of traders but some of them, in my opinion, are really perspective.

/ Negative /
15 October 2016, 23:01

I opened an account and was going to try trading on the web platform, but after so many tries I have not been able to get connection. Maybe this is my fall but I have no time to waste.

/ Positive /
15 October 2016, 17:18

Alpari is a reliable company. I've been trading currencies in Alpari for a long time and decided to try binary options trading. The conditions are still good, small initial deposit and quick payouts.

/ Negative /
15 October 2016, 02:51

For a long time I've just tried to convince myself that all problems in this company are temporary but unfortunately my patience has ended. The execution is awful with constant requotes. The support didn't react on my complaints. I had no choice but to leave.

/ Positive /
14 October 2016, 22:46

I'm really excited to find the company like this one. It's one of the best company where I've tried to trade. First of all I was trading on demo and when I made certain that transactions are executed without any problems decided to open a real account.

/ Positive /
14 October 2016, 20:51

I've been trading here in WorldForex about 3 months. I can tell you the company is good. Everything is alright here: withdrawals are fast, conditions are great, they give bonuses. Is that not enough?