Chart of price change AUD/JPY

Currency pair AUDJPY shows the relation of the Australian national currency cost to the Japanese yen. In this pair the Australian dollar is the base currency, and Japanese yen - quoted. The trading instrument differs in high volatility, as well as the majority of the trading symbols incorporating Japanese yen. AUDJPY it is especially susceptible to the important political and economic events occurring in the world.

AUD/JPY Зона спроса впереди
AUDJPY, D1 Forecast

Зона спроса впереди, возможный откат, длительная возможность

0 212
Ray 2 8
AUDJPY, D1 Forecast

Decrease to 80.00 after breakdown of resistance and fastening under Low

0 210
Noah 40 3
AUDJPY: Bullish cypher
AUDJPY, H1 Forecast

We have a bullish cypher on the chart.

0 187
AUDJPY: покупка после пробоя фрактала
AUDJPY, M30 Forecast

В начале торговой недели, после анализа валютного рынка, мы рекомендуем обратить внимание на инструмент AUDJPY. Здесь цена перешла в восходящий тренд выше линий индикатора Alligator и сформировала торговый сигнал на покупку в виде фрактального уровня. Спецификация торговой идеи: Buy-stop: 77.736 Take-profit: 78.545 Stop-loss: 77.357 Успешной торговли!

0 203
Nice opportunity to sell AUDJPY
AUDJPY, H4 Forecast

Almost completed Unified Gartley pattern.

0 178
Potential Bear Cypher
AUDJPY, H1 Forecast

If the price reaches 77,80 on its way down, we have a completed bearish Cypher.

0 194
AUDJPY Going Down
AUDJPY, H1 Forecast

Possible descending triangle at the moment. Market players advise to sell the tool.

0 203
AUDJPY: Bearish crab
AUDJPY, H1 Forecast

As you can see on the chart we have a bearish crab.

0 207
AUDJPY, W1 Forecast

I advise you to be careful when using this instrument in your trading.

0 198
AUDJPY: Bat pattern
AUDJPY, D1 Forecast

The pair is in a consolidation that moving into a channel and the bat pattern offers us a great buy setup.

0 187
AUDJPY: Чего нам ждать?
AUDJPY, H4 Forecast

На первый взгляд может показаться, что данный торговый инструмент сформировал качественный канал, но продавать все же не стоит. На ближайшие один-два дня, пара настроена на завершение восходящей коррекции.

0 204
AUDJPY: Потенциал пары
AUDJPY, D1 Forecast

Велика вероятность, что цена найдёт дно приблизительно около 88.00 и начнёт восстановление.

0 211
AUDJPY - Inverted H&S + Bull Flag
AUDJPY, D1 Buy Profit: -168.8 pips RoR: -99%

A nice bullish set up with inverted H&S forming and a bull flag pattern, pointing to 91.2 as the minimum target. Stops at 85.42 (Tradingidea is not allowing for the right stop levels to be placed)

0 194
AUDJPY: Bearish pattern
AUDJPY, H4 Forecast

Forming a clear Bearish pattern (AB=CD) in the upper boundary of the channel.

0 157
AUD/JPY корректируется
AUDJPY, H4 Forecast

Пара может снова упасть в медвежьи объятия. RSI на 4-часовом графике находится ниже 50%, уже на протяжении трех недель и только недавно прорвался выше 60. В текущей ситуации, это можно считать зоной перекупленности. Однако коррекция уязвима перед разворотом отсюда. 50-дневный SMA находится ниже 200-дневного.

0 156
Дамир 3005 670
AUDJPY, D1 Sell Profit: -19.8 pips RoR: -24%


0 11
dima 589 102
AUDJPY, H4 Buy Profit: 23.3 pips RoR: 35%

first rebound of BB - next we may see from other side

0 8
Дамир 3005 670
AUDJPY, D1 Sell Profit: 97.3 pips RoR: 102%


0 33
Marenno 2902 653
Mid term Long.
AUDJPY, D1 Buy Profit: -100 pips RoR: Stop Loss

Buying for the next 3-5 days.

0 69
Marenno 2902 653
AUDJPY Upward continuation is possible
AUDJPY, D1 Forecast

The price has shown similar formations before, as it shown on a chart, So the Upward continuation is likely, with a stop loss lower then the current day Low, and a 1st major target at 95.00 (always be flexible. flexibility is what makes you profitable, also Being Flexible - doesn't mean - being confused!!! See the difference!!!)

0 38
AUDJPY, H1 Buy Profit: -30.1 pips RoR: -93%

BUY AUDJPY with SL 92.30 and TP 92.90

0 68

Distinctive features of currency pair AUDJPY are its high volatility and technical skills. The most active trading on this tool is conducted during hours of Asian session when banks of Japan and Australia are opened at the same time.

Australia is one of the largest exporters of gold and oil, therefore, the dynamics of the pair is influenced substantially by the prices of these commodities. The economics of the Land of the Rising Sun are also dependent on oil cost, but already being its importer. The trading instrument is sensitive to fundamental factors, including GDP of Japan, a consumer price index, trading balance, indicators from the Tankan report and a rate of inflation.

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