Chart of price change AUD/JPY

Currency pair AUDJPY shows the relation of the Australian national currency cost to the Japanese yen. In this pair the Australian dollar is the base currency, and Japanese yen - quoted. The trading instrument differs in high volatility, as well as the majority of the trading symbols incorporating Japanese yen. AUDJPY it is especially susceptible to the important political and economic events occurring in the world.

Distinctive features of currency pair AUDJPY are its high volatility and technical skills. The most active trading on this tool is conducted during hours of Asian session when banks of Japan and Australia are opened at the same time.

Australia is one of the largest exporters of gold and oil, therefore, the dynamics of the pair is influenced substantially by the prices of these commodities. The economics of the Land of the Rising Sun are also dependent on oil cost, but already being its importer. The trading instrument is sensitive to fundamental factors, including GDP of Japan, a consumer price index, trading balance, indicators from the Tankan report and a rate of inflation.

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