Project goal

GuruTrade is the project that will open for all comers access to a reliable information about activity of trading companies from every corner of the globe. All traders and investors may share with us their opinions and experience to one or another trader, after that our professional independent experts are publishing on basis of received information corresponding reviews.

      GuruTrade provides to all traders a comprehensive informational support and announces the most important news from the Forex market world, assisting them to form a solid basement for a stable and profitable trading. All these taken one with another, determine our goals:

  • analysis, development and popularization of the Forex market, as a highly remunerative and promising for private investment, area.
  • efficient informing of traders and investors about the adoption by companies of new investment tools and services.

List of the fundamental project's tasks includes itself:

  • the detailed acquaintance of potential traders with activity of well-established trading companies;
  • the arrangement of reliable international investment collaboration;
  • search of talented and promising traders, as well as the promotion of their trading tactics;
  • the arrangement of mutually beneficial business relations of traders and investors by means of communication on the site of our project.                                                                                                                                                                                            


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