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    «Compare Spreads» option

    Dear visitors!

    This week we’ve carried out a significant extension of functional capabilities of the Spreads section. From now on the GuruTrade users are able to graphically compare the spread’s fluctuations history on the currency pairs of the selected brokers presented on our site. In order to compare the spread’s value of two different companies, it is necessary to select the exact brokers and currency pair you are looking for, then click the «Compare Spreads» option.

    Specific set in check box allows users to view the maximum, average, and minimum spread’s value on the selected currency pair for the last 5, 10, 30 and 60 minutes, as well as for the last 24 hours, 7 or 30 days. The spread’s size can be deduced both with the commission charges and without commission. The current spread’s value is set by default automatically.

    Today our spread comparison system includes 23 broker companies, and their number will only increase in the near future.

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