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    Launch of «Spreads» section

    Dear visitors!

    We’d like to announce the launch of the new section Spreads on the main menu of our site, along with the already implemented ones: «Brokers», «Accounts» and «Analytics».
    We are bringing to your attention the list of companies, which offer accounts with the floating spreads for trading on the foreign exchange market.

    This list includes, alongside with the broker companies, their range of currency pairs, where each of them has its own spread value (in points) at the present time of trading session. It is known that when market volatility grows up - spread widens and can increase up to 8-10 points, but when the volatility is reduced - the spread gets narrow, and its value may be only of 0.2-0.3 points.

    We took into consideration the professional wishes and concerns of the market participants while developing the «Spreads» section, to achieve its functionality, versatility and ease of use. We should also mention that over time this section will be supplemented with the new types of accounts with the respective spread values.  

    We do believe that the launch of this innovative table of spread values will assist the traders during their work, as the quickness of decision-making is one of the most important components of an effective trading on the Forex market. 

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