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    New criterion in the calculation system of the Forex brokers’ rating

    Dear visitors!

    Today we announce about another addition in the calculation system of the Forex brokers’ rating.

    In order to obtain the most fair and objective depiction of weight and prestige of a certain Forex market company we have added a new criterion - «Assessment of broker’s website».

    Official site of each broker company reflects its individuality and performance quality. On its pages is available all information that is necessary for any trader and his work on the market: trading terms, contract specifications, Support Service contact information and other useful data to trade more efficiently.

    At awarding rating estimate should be taken into account not only convenience of the site’s navigation, the presence or lack of required information, simplicity of its search, but also temporary costs on processing the clients’ messages and requests by Support Service.
    Parameters of broker’s website assessment include itself:

    • Broker’s trading terms (from 1 to 10 points)
    • Contract specification (from 1 to 7 points)
    • Online support (from 3 to 8 points)
    • Information accessibility (from 1 to 12 points)

    We hope that efforts of the GuruTrade project developers will enhance the effectiveness of our Forex brokers rating and will help the traders to select the most appropriate Forex market company more thorough and quicker.

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