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    Updates in the "Spreads" section

    Dear visitors!

    To increase ease of use and functionality of GuruTrade project we’ve carried out some updates and additions concerning the Spreads section modernization. Now there is the option to choose several time periods to view specific values of spreads. This filtering system enables user to find out spread’s size (spread’s fluctuation history) on the selected currency pair for the last 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour. In the near future time period of the spread fluctuations will be extended up to one year. Specially embedded check box allows the users to view the spread’s value both with the commission charges and without commission.

    Another update is that we’ve launched a data placard with the trading accounts and currency pairs. In this table can be found detailed information on specific accounts regarding the trading terms and characteristics, such as:

    Trading characteristics

    • Lot’s amount for the base currency;
    • Tick’s size in points;
    • Step for the lot’s size change;
    • The minimum lot amount;
    • The maximum lot amount.


    • Permissible minimum level of Stop Loss/Take Profit orders;
    • Order freeze level in points.


    • Swap’s size for the short positions;
    • Swap’s size for the long positions.


    We can assure our visitors that our work on GuruTrade project modernization will be the same active, as we had done before.

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