Chart of price change CHF/NOK

Currency pair CHFNOK is the exotic trading instrument which shows a ratio of the Swiss franc and Norwegian krone. In this trading instrument, the role of the base currency is played by Swiss franc, and the Norwegian krone is exposed to converting. The quotes of CHFNOK show how many Norwegian krona are needed to buy one Swiss franc. This financial instrument differs in the raised volatility and expanded spread and, therefore, isn't recommended for the beginning traders.

Switzerland is the country with one of the highest levels of living. The Economic stability of this country stimulates many investors to store the savings in Swiss francs. Norway, in turn, takes leading positions among the countries with industrial and agrarian orientation.

On a currency pair CHFNOK have impact changes in the oil market because Norway conducts active production and export of oil products and gas. The industrial sector of Norway specializes on electrometallurgy, the electrician and mechanical engineering, including the creation of sea drilling rigs for oil extraction. In order to create the exact forecast of CHFNOK, it is necessary to consider changes in the oil markets, and also the policy of the European Central Bank and fundamental events in the EU.

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