Chart of price change EUR/HKD

Currency pair EURHKD is an exotic currency pair which consists of the euro and currency of developing country - the Hong Kong dollar. This trading instrument isn't very widespread in the Forex market. It should be noted that the rate of Hong Kong dollar is attached to the American dollar.

In Hong Kong, there is one of the largest stock exchanges which on many indicators exceeds a network of the largest exchanges of Europe and America.

The economic welfare of Hong Kong is based on the principle of the free market. Service trading is considered the main source of the income of the country, still the important role is played by export from China. The Economic well-being of a nation more depends on accurately adjusted business activity with partners from around the world. The Hong Kong dollar is subjected to the influence of the American dollar as the currency of Hong Kong is attached to the US dollar. Therefore, only serious economic data from the United States can affect this currency.

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