Chart of price change EUR/NZD

The currency pair EURNZD is one of the cross-rates on which behavior the US dollar has rather a serious influence, obvious even without its presence. Creating the forecasts of further price movement of this currency pair, it is necessary to take into account such economic indicators of the USA as the GDP level, the size of the Federal Reserve interest rate, and also the unemployment level existing at the moment.

Using the currency EURNZD tool in trading, it is important to consider the GDP level of New Zealand's economy scale and intensity of its sale and economic volume with other countries, business activity of industrial sector and other concurrent factors.

The economic wellbeing of the country in many respects depends on partners of the country who are among the USA, Australia, and Asia-Pacific countries. This tool possesses relative low liquidity therefore in the case of forecasts creation it is necessary to take as a basis more actively traded pairs with the New Zealand and American dollar.

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