Chart of price change EUR/PLN

Currency pair EURPLN is rather a popular pair in the international Forex market. Euro in this couple is the base currency, and the Polish Zloty — quoted. The popularity of this pair is observed thanks to a vigorous trading activity between Norway and the European Union countries. For this reason, the EURPLN financial instrument is popular among traders. High stability and predictability of the economies of the European Union countries and Poland favorably affect a currency pair of EURPLN.

Currency pair EURPLN is influenced by a set of factors which provide popularity of this currency. Poland a rather developed country which shortly intends to pass to the Euro. However, the conditions which are laid down by European Central Bank quite tough therefore Poland will be able to pass to the euro after the accomplishment of all requirements.

Poland is a developed country, and the fundamental factors influencing the economy of this country includes the mechanical engineering, the chemical and coal industry, and also ferrous metallurgy. The national currency rate of the country is influenced by the international rating of the state and a condition of the primary branches of the European Union and Poland economy.

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