Chart of price change EUR/RUB

Currency pair EURRUB — the exotic trading instrument in which euro plays a role of base currency, and Russian ruble — quoted. The quote of euro/ruble shows how many rubles it is necessary to pay for one euro. This trading instrument doesn't enjoy popularity in the international exchange market, this currency pair represents the main interest only for the Russian traders.

A large number of macroeconomic indicators of the Russian Federation and the EU has an impact on quotes of a currency pair EURRUB. The largest part of the Russian budget is formed by the export of energy resources, that is why any changes in the commodity markets, in particular, oil prices and gas, have a considerable impact on Russian ruble.

The national currency of the Russian Federation correlates with the American dollar therefore when forecasting movement of the price, it is worth paying attention to the news from the USA. The most active currency pair EURRUB is traded in working hours of the Moscow exchange, in the other hours liquidity of this financial instrument considerably decreases.

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