Chart of price change EUR/SGD

Currency pair EURSGD shows a ratio of the euro and Singapore dollar. In this exotic currency pair, euro acts as the base currency and the Singapore dollar — convertible. The pair doesn't enjoy wide popularity at traders, but differs in high volatility and spread. The low-liquid trading instrument is characterized by average predictability.

Economic and political events in the EU, a sovereign rating of Singapore, and also the intensity of a trading activity have an impact on EURSGD trading symbol. Singapore which is called “an Asian tiger” due to its development, speed still differs in the highest level of living, economic stability, a vigorous international trading activity and low inflation.

Export of the state exceeds import, and the main goods are oil and oil products, production of information technologies and financial services. When forecasting price movements of EURSGD it is necessary to consider a situation in the oil market, and also fundamental factors of the main trading partners of Singapore, especially the USA.

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